Identity Governance Takes a Giant Step Forward

Identity Governance Takes a Giant Step Forward

ForgeRock's new cloud-native governance is purpose-built to help solve security and compliance challenges for large enterprises at scale.

Delivering the Future of Workforce Governance

Today we announced the newest offering in our cloud lineup, ForgeRock Identity Governance. This new solution is a significant advancement in our vision to empower enterprises with self-driving identity where humans remain in control with the aid of AI and machine learning. The aim is to give your organization the ability to stay ahead of the volume and velocity of access changes your IT teams face every day.

The accelerated growth of the hybrid workforce, employee job changes, and increasing adoption of cloud-based applications and services have evolved to a point where today's governance solutions simply can't keep up. But ForgeRock’s new cloud-native identity governance is purpose-built for global enterprise scale.

ForgeRock Identity Governance is part of a comprehensive workforce solution that combines cloud, governance, access management, and powerful machine learning into a converged security and compliance solution. The new offering will combine three primary components: Access Certifications to accelerate manager access decision-making with AI-informed recommendations; Access Requests to provide users with a 24/7 self-service portal and to automate application access; and Segregation of Duties to ensure regulatory compliance when and where you need it.

Full-Suite Governance Meets Extreme Scale

A lot of claims are made about scale, but our solution delivers real results. A global financial services organization with 100K+ workforce identities and 3,500+ applications, was able to process 230 million entitlement assignments in less than an hour using ForgeRock Identity Governance.

Performance like this is made possible by our unique cloud architecture that provides fully isolated compute, network, and storage resources in a modern, multi-tenant cloud environment. This means you get the horsepower to process millions of permissions per minute without worrying about a noisy cloud neighbor obstructing your workload.

Together at Last: Governance + Identity and Access Management

Today's large enterprises are seeking converged identity solutions as they recognize the business value of consolidating critical pieces of the identity perimeter. According to Gartner, by 2025, 70% of new access management, governance, administration and privileged access deployments will be converged identity and access management platforms1.

To achieve the full benefits of identity-driven security and compliance, you need the ability to manage the identity lifecycle, secure runtime access to resources (authentication and authorization), and continuously govern that access. By converging ForgeRock Identity Governance with our industry-leading identity and access management capabilities, you can gain efficiencies and cost savings with the ability to manage, secure, and govern identities throughout their entire lifecycle — all from a single platform.

A Unified Workforce Solution


Benefiting from Our AI investments

In May, when we released Autonomous Access, the ForgeRock Identity Platform became the industry's first to infuse AI into the entire identity lifecycle. Our new governance solution leverages these capabilities by applying AI and machine learning to help you determine whether your employees, contractors, partners, and suppliers should or shouldn't have access to applications and data. Security decisions become immediately actionable for IT teams — excessive access can be automatically removed, and low-risk access can automatically be granted — without the need to integrate additional products.

Connecting the IAM and Governance Dots

Today's large enterprise needs it all: full-suite governance features that scale to process hundreds of millions of permissions for all identities, combined with comprehensive identity and access management, all powered by AI and delivered from the cloud. We're excited to bring all these requirements together, starting with Access Certifications. ForgeRock Identity Governance will be available in the beginning of 2023. We’d love the opportunity to start a conversation about how ForgeRock can help your organization.

Please visit our Identity Governance page, where you can learn more, or contact us directly.

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