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Identity Rebels, it’s Time to Show your Support for IRM!

Last week we participated in the announcement of THE PILLARS OF IDENTITY RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT (RM), which was co-written by some great industry leaders – Philippe da Raet (Experian), Allan Foster (ForgeRock), Joni Brennan (Kantara), and Pat “Metadaddy” Patterson (

The Pillars perfectly articulate major business shifts in the Identity vertical and how it relates to the development of IRM technology. We’ve received lots of tweets, emails, and “high fives” from people asking how they can participate. Well … now, you too can join the movement!

Kantara is opening up the floor for others to show their support for these principles and join the effort! If you believe in The Pillars of IRM become a signatory and lend your name to the movement! Let the world know that you are seeing a shift in the industry and a need for identity solutions to evolve to meet the business and technology needs of IRM. Become a signatory now!!!!!


Daniel Raskin


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