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Identity Relationship Management Believers of the World Unite!

Wow – just read Joni Brennan’s (Kantara Initiative) latest blog on the evolution of IAM to IRM – identity and access management to identity relationship management.

Her post does an excellent job of summing up the future of IAM in four fundamental business pillars and four joint technical pillars and matching them to the evolution of the industry. The post also suggests some thought provoking guidelines for a now consumer-facing industry.

These pillars were built by an incredible mix of geeks, standards guys, and business people working together – a first in the world of identity! The new framework maps perfectly to what we’ve been seeing in the field – it speaks to the demands of our customers and the recent shifts in IAM needs across enterprise, cloud, social, and mobile environments.

Our Open Identity Stack has been designed ground up to address these evolving needs and our company growth over the past year is testament to us being on the right track. Businesses, governments, and universities, among others, are recognizing that the IAM of yesteryear is not built to be consumer-facing, scalable, or cloud compatible. New world, new requirements!

And what better way to understand market needs than listening to customers? IDC recently published a report detailing how McKesson chose ForgeRock to deliver an agile and complete solution stack to handle partner and customer-facing identity management, as well as externally developed applications. GEICO had similar needs when building their customer portal, providing access regardless of device and location, driving top line revenue.

These emerging customer needs are just one of many indicators that IAM is in the midst of a revolution. This is a phenomenal shift in the market that is taking place right before us and Joni does an excellent job of framing this – creating both business pillars for CIOs to keep in mind and technical pillars that should be incorporated into customer-facing IAM going forward.

It’s so cool to finally put a label on the rapid industry shifts we’ve experienced over the past couple of years. Identity relationship management sums up the change from the on-premises, employee-facing IAM of the past to the anytime, anywhere, consumer-facing IRM of today. It’s not about secure employee systems anymore; it’s about using identity to forge relationships with consumers that drive businesses’ top line revenue. For us, this is a momentous day in the industry – October 8, 2013 – the birth of IRM!

IRM believers of the world unite!

Daniel Raskin


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