IdentityLive Austin Fireside Chat

One of the happier developments at last month's IdentityLive Austin Summit was that we were able to involve the Center for Identity from the University of Texas at Austin into a couple of our sessions in the person of Ryan Anderson, Director of Strategic Partners and Outreach. The Center is a unique institution: an academic center of excellence for identity management, privacy, and security - the only one of its kind in the U.S. The Center conducts research and sponsors education programs that deliver new and innovative advances to anticipate and mitigate current and future identity threats.

Ryan generously spent most of the morning of the first day with us, first sitting on a panel discussing the findings that emerged from our research project with the Economist Intelligence Unit, and then also joining Interim CEO John Fernandez for a "Fireside Chat." This second session touched more broadly on the security challenges facing individuals and organizations today, cybercrime and privacy regulation, and how the Center is helping to advance the public's understanding of identity as a critical element in securing digital life. Here are some highlights from John's & Ryan's session. 


Ryan Anderson and John Fernandez Talk Identity

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