Introducing the ForgeRock Experience Center

Introducing the ForgeRock Experience Center

Have you been involved with acquiring a software product for your company? If you have, you know that finding and purchasing a solution that meets your specific enterprise needs can be a challenging process. We understand the difficulty that buyers face when trying to match vendor capabilities with business requirements. After reviewing multiple vendor solutions, product web pages, and data sheets, they all start to sound the same. And videos often focus more on the muzak and narration than on educating the viewer on a specific point. Free trial accounts provide rudimentary access to the product that does not give the user the ability to explore more complex use cases.

Better Understanding Leads to Better Decisions

Today we introduce the ForgeRock Experience Center. The Experience Center provides an interactive environment that lets users and administrators get a more immersive experience with the various aspects of our Platform, right from the website. Each experience leads the user through an educational journey that combines hands-on interaction with the ForgeRock user interface, including contextual explanations using text and video.

ForgeRock Experience Center

The ForgeRock Experience Center debuts with a library of experiences to illustrate important capabilities of the ForgeRock platform:

Over the coming months we will continue to grow this library with additional experiences, including industry specific examples for use in financial services, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, retail and others.

See and try the Forgerock Experience Center here.