The IoT Opportunity: Nissan

So far in the IoT Opportunity interview series, we’ve featured executives from major telecommunications companies (KPNLevel 3) as well as one of the largest IoT solutions providers in the world (Dell). With our next guest, we take a sharp turn into the automotive arena. Cars have long been filled with telemetry and other electronics. Only recently, however, has widespread connectivity turned cars into mini IoT ecosystems that not only communicate internally, but externally with the cloud, the urban environment, and even the cars around them. Roel de Vries, Global Head of Marketing at Nissan, talked with Hot Topics about the connected car, data, and how Nissan is leveraging this massive opportunity to build closer relationships with its customers. The IoT is enabling new revenue models for Nissan, opportunities for personalization and improved customer experience that also demand high levels of customer data privacy and consent. Roel provides a fascinating look into how the automotive industry is embracing the IoT.

Nissan’s marketing lead on how the IoT has changed their business model (full interview)


The opportunities the connected car presents to Nissan


Nissan is taking data privacy extremely seriously


The revenue opportunities for Nissan of the connected car

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