The IoT Opportunity: Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is working towards making its customers more sustainable and efficient by leveraging the data collected from its smart devices. Schneider Electric's Head of IoT,  Cyril Perducat says IoT is at the center of their digital transformation, and in order to create business value for customers, Schneider is leveraging AI, mobile, cloud, and sensor technologies.

Cybersecurity is also a critical design principle. By developing native cybersecurity offers and working with regulators, Schneider designs products that prioritize their customer security. Cyril makes it clear that we are now entering a time in which IoT can make an actual customer impact and secure IoT implementations will be an integral part of business strategies. Check out these video interviews with Cyril to get the full picture on the IoT opportunity Schneider Electric is pursuing. 


Video 1: Schneider Electric’s Head of IoT on how it’s using connected devices to provide insight for customers (full interview)

Video 2: Schneider Electric’s Head of IoT on the technologies underpinning the evolution of IoT

Video 3: Schneider’s Head of IoT on using connected devices to provide better solutions for customers

Video 4: Schneider Electric’s EVP Digital Services explains how IoT technology is maturing