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It’s A Brave New IRM World Out There

A month ago Kantara Initiative put forth their pillars of identity relationship management (IRM). The pillars perfectly summarize the changes our customers want and need from us now.

You may have read that we recently announced the newest version of our access management platform – OpenAM 11.0 – and with this release, we’re excited to now offer a complete IRM stack as part of our own product lineup.

The ForgeRock Open Identity Stack includes OpenAM, OpenDJ and OpenIDM for a complete stack of open source identity and access management products that are designed to meet the needs of both the traditional enterprise as well as the next-gen requirements for customer-facing identity relationship management.  It’s all about shifting to consumer-facing IAM solutions – going beyond the traditional “castle defense” to a new reality where CIOs can leverage identity to extend business reach, drive new business models, and increase revenue.

Traditional IAM vendors built their platforms through acquisition to meet the smaller-scale, on-premises needs of employee access security and identity management, and as a result, these platforms are complex, expensive, and incompatible with today’s connected devices. Enterprises are evolving to embrace the “Internet of Things,” which provides opportunities to turn IAM capabilities into revenue-generating engines.

Enter IRM – a lightweight and agile solution that businesses can use to efficiently manage all identities – employees, partners, and customers, on any device, in any environment. Now customers might place an order or make an appointment via a cloud app, deposit checks from their phones, or make secure purchases online, through a laptop that recognizes their identity and shares it with the retailer. Consumers, citizens, and students alike must have easy access to secure applications where they can buy services.

We’re looking forward to sharing more on IRM and hearing your thoughts on it, too. We just hosted a webinar on “Evolving to the Pillars of Identity Relationship Management” yesterday, and we’ll release the recording asap. You’ll find out more about the pillars of IRM and how we’re embracing them with the new release of OpenAM and our IRM platform. We hope you’ll check it out! 

Rebecca Golden


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