Joining the ForgeRock Band

It’s been almost a decade since I had a “first week” at work and as I contemplated my first 5 days, I realize that it simply didn’t feel like a first week at all. I felt at home immediately.

From the beginning, Mike, our CEO, was clear about the culture at ForgeRock as I went through the interview process. You won’t be surprised to know that this was a significant part of my desire to get the job.

It’s a privilege to have the opportunity to be a part of the talented ForgeRock team that is passionate about enabling organizations to realize their digital transformation strategies. Every digital initiative requires identity. Whether it is an IoT, cloud, mobile, or enterprise initiative, identity is required.

I think that my favorite moment came at the Identity Summit last month.  I sat through the fourth customer presentation endorsing the ForgeRock Identity Platform™ and openly sharing their experience in front of their peers. I realized that I had rarely seen such unabridged, unprompted enthusiasm in my 25-year career in technology.

So to the founders of ForgeRock, its committed employees and the extended ForgeRock community, I’m honored to be joining the band and have an opportunity to serve the best interests of our customers and this amazing company.

For more, read the press release.