Learn the Next Generation Skills for Digital Identity

Do you want to learn the skills required for the next generation of digital identity? If so, ForgeRock University has just refreshed its entire curriculum - starting with a series of core concepts classes that teach you all the new features of the ForgeRock Identity Platform. The curriculum then progresses to a new series of ‘deep dive’ classes; the first two will be on Agents and Advanced IDM connector configuration. The curriculum then progresses on to the advanced developer classes for ForgeRock Access Management and ForgeRock Identity Gateway. Updates for the developer classes will release later in the year.

This news comes off the back of the ForgeRock Identity Platform release. With this release, ForgeRock has made great progress towards cloudification of the platform along with many critical new consumer identity enhancements and features.

What’s new?

In the newly updated ForgeRock Access Management: Core Concepts class you can now learn about the core concepts of Intelligent Authentication, how the new user login analytics works,  stateless authentication, webhooks, and dynamic OAuth scopes.

In ForgeRock Identity Management: Core Concepts you can learn about how to use ForgeRock Directory Services as a supported repo, progressive profile completion with terms and conditions enhancements and relationship performance improvements.

And finally, an entirely new class - ForgeRock Directory Services: Core Concepts - is focused on the requirements of massively scaled directory configurations.  In this class you can learn about the new monitoring metrics for servers and replication, configuration as an artifact, and a lot of performance and replication enhancements.

These classes are available to book from today at https://www.forgerock.com/university