Myth Busting at Identity Live: Cloud Edition


This month we announced some exciting enhancements to ForgeRock Identity Cloud. All of the updates we make to our platform are done with your realities and requirements in mind. The year 2020 has taken a toll on many businesses all over the world, and this has put increasing pressure on IT teams. Our customers are seeing online traffic like never before. The journey towards digital transformation has been turbo-charged as we move through the pandemic and prepare for what’s next. 

Organizations are doing everything they can to go digital while prioritizing the delivery of  exceptional user experiences. At the same time, security and trust remain critical to keep customers, partners, and employees safe online and in person. And while there is a big rush to the cloud, firms may be struggling with how to do it safely, securely, and without disrupting business. 

As companies weigh their cloud decisions, they are starting to raise critical questions about commonly held myths regarding cloud migration: Is the cloud really less secure and compliant? Does everything have to go to the cloud? Is it more expensive? 

Spoiler alert: The answer is absolutely not. We busted these myths last week during Identity Live: Cloud Edition

To kick off our event, ForgeRock CEO Fran Rosch and retired U.S. General and KKR partner David H. Petraeus discussed the CIA’s journey to the cloud, which began in 2013. At one time, security was one of the main reasons that many organizations elected not to adopt cloud solutions. Today, security is one of the many benefits of the cloud due to the scale of investment in security that cloud service providers have made – investments far beyond the scope of individual organizations. Knowing that the CIA has trusted the cloud for nearly 10 years reinforces this point.

While many companies have cloud-first strategies, we recognize that not all workloads are created equal. We were excited to chat with Amol Kabe, senior director of product management at Google Cloud, about the need for choice and flexibility. We’re here to help our customers embrace the power of the cloud and also work within their own hybrid realities. We polled the Identity Live audience and found that 80% expect to remain in a hybrid cloud world for at least five more years. On premises, your cloud, or our cloudwe will make it work for you.

We will keep working to enable excellent digital experiences. General Petraeus believes the login experience will be a differentiator, and we could not agree more. Personalization matters. Ease of use matters. Security matters. The outcome for a great user experience? It’s pretty simple. Do it fast, do it right, and do it now. We understand the need for a superior experience and, at the same time, ensure that this will not diminish security in any way. 

We also had the pleasure of hearing from Daryl Robbins, senior director of global architecture at Calabrio about their journey to the cloud. One of the reasons Calabrio chose ForgeRock to manage their 1.3 million digital identities is because of our full tenant isolation security capability. With ForgeRock, they never have to worry about their data being commingled with other customer data. From the administrator login screen to API endpoints and from the data to the application stack itself, there is no data traversal across those planes. We live, breathe, and sleep security, and we pledge to do that for you and all our customers. While we securely manage their IAM, Calabrio can focus on building incredible experiences for their customers. 

ForgeRock delivers simple truths with no surprises. Moving to the cloud does not have to be more expensive. Having an unplanned uptick in traffic should not be costly. In times of uncertainty, we’ll provide you with more certainty. If you’re experiencing Black Friday-like numbers every day, we are here to help you scale up  – at no additional expense to you.

Cloud without compromise. Great experiences. No surprises. That’s what ForgeRock delivers. 

We know that you’re facing immense pressure to adapt and respond to a new normal. We are here to help you plan your IAM future along the way. 

Thanks to all of our customers and partners for attending Identity Live: Cloud Edition!  Want to revisit the action from our event? Watch each of the replays here.