New OpenAM and OpenDJ Releases

Today has been a big landmark for many of the developers at ForgeRock and in the communities in which they participate. Both the OpenAM (identity authentication, authorisation and federation) and OpenDJ (LDAP server) projects have announced new interim releases today to consolidate incremental improvements. For those in any doubt, this work is only happening on the OpenAM and OpenDJ projects and not in any predecessor projects.

The OpenDJ 2.4.1 release includes a number of bug-fixes but adds new features in addition to those added in the earlier full release such as:

The OpenAM 9.5.2 release includes a large number of improvements and bug-fixes which have arisen in support of ForgeRock customers, but includes new features such as:

Both represent a great deal of work by the respective teams – congratulations to them on keeping both projects improving and progressing.