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ForgeRock’s First Summit Geek Out Goes Big

You probably thought the big news last week was the Snowden leak. But the REALLY BIG news was the smashing success of ForgeRock’s first Open Identity Stack Summit!
Our 115-person crowd was extremely engaged. The sessions were chock full of great content from the PMs and Architects, including awesome identity bridge, mobile, and REST demos, and filled out with fantastic keynotes from Scott McNealy and Pat Patterson.
We’ve added all presentations to the summit site under the Agenda tab, so check it out to review the info or see what you’ve been missing.
In addition to great people and content, we also had s’mores, bonfires, beer pong, yogurt parfaits, and more popcorn than you can shake a fist at. The beach retreat setting set a different tone than the typical “business conference,” and the absolutely perfect weather didn’t hurt either.
People love ForgeRock because we’re smart, disruptive, and different. We had AC/DC, Sex Pistols, and U2 blaring between the sessions and were happy to share our “work hard, play hard” culture with the whole crew geeking out with us in Pacific Grove.
If you want to get a sense of the event, check out OpenDJ PM
Ludo’s Flickr Album (thanks Ludo!). He did a fantastic job capturing the tone of the event.

Next stop for the Summit — Europe in October! Location is TBD, but you can bet it will live up to the precedents set in
USA round one!
Stay tuned for more information!
Rebecca Golden


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