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Open Sourcing the Future – ForgeRock CTO makes the case for open source IAM

In the past few years, CIO’s identity and access management needs have changed dramatically. Employees expect access to company systems anytime, anywhere; customers expect immediate and constant access to user-friendly, consumer-facing data; and partners need access to various apps but with limited access to company data. Welcome to the modern web.

So, what’s the problem? Traditional IAM was designed for the on-premises enterprise and cannot effectively protect the modern web. Today, users are not just employees, but also customers and partners. In fact, the user might be anonymous initially. The users are accessing applications from locations far beyond the company firewall and from a multitude of devices. Further, the applications themselves are often hosted in the cloud and provided by a SaaS provider. The volume of users has exploded and the rate at which they change and the number of identities they require has expanded. A new open, agile, scalable IAM platform is needed – a platform that can integrate with the legacy systems, but also provide for the needs of today’s modern Web environments.

Our co-founder and CTO, Lasse Andresen, addresses this need for new IAM solutions to replace legacy systems in his article for Help Net Security. He discusses how CIOs can extend, integrate, and modernize their identity infrastructure to solve new use cases that are common in the mobile, social, and cloud world.

His solution? Open source IAM.

Open source IAM adapts to the modern Web where legacy IAM vendors cannot. Open source IAM is designed as a unified, lightweight, modular, and scalable stack. It’s a great alternative for enterprises looking for flexible IAM solutions that can accommodate the dynamic new requirements of the modern Web, while addressing the standard set of needs enterprises continue to have.

Check out the article and let us know what you think about the future of legacy IAM vs open source IAM.

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