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OpenIDM: Why a New Identity Management Solution

Does the world need a new IDM solution? To be honest: I don’t know. But after the acquisition of Sun by Oracle and Oracle’s decision to continue with their own product as the strategic product, Sun IDM does not have a future any more. Same as with OpenSSO in it’s current form (which is history already). But in opposite to OpenSSO, Sun IDM was never open sourced.

Many Sun IDM customers have to find a new product sooner or later to replace their identity management solution, which can be very painful since it was a big investment for many of them, to get the solution customized in the right way. One of the biggest strengths of Sun IDM was its great flexibility, not its great out of the box functionality.

It looks like Oracle sales people are on the tour to convince sun idm customers that it will be very easy to migrate the Sun solution into an Oracle solution. At the few occupancies where I could watch the process this was done in a rather bad way. Statements like “90 % of the migration will be automatic…” is just like lying the customer into the face. Especially considering the high customization one can expect in many Sun IDM installations as well as looking at the big differences between the two products.

Can this problem be solved by just another IDM solution? Obviously not. But the market is currently missing an IDM solution with a 21st century design (and not a data center design as Oracle’s) which is open source.

The comparison of Sun IDM and OpenSSO is a very nice example of how open source protects customer’s investments in software soluitons! Many thanks to Oracle and Sun for showing the public the advantages of open source!