Our CEO Mike Ellis’ Keynote at the CDO Summit London 2015


Today, a large group of Chief Digital Officers and other digital leaders were able to see Mike Ellis giving a keynote presentation at the CDO Summit in London. Front and center was one message:
Identity is the center of everything”.


While Mike stated that growth is a top priority for CEOs, and that digital transformation is a great route to compete in new markets and achieve that desired growth, he explained that CIOs are very often struggling to respond on a timely manner to digital opportunities.
Mike therefore outlined four key points for CIOs how to, in collaboration with CDOs, put the Customer in the center of their Digital Transformation Strategy:

  1. CIO’s are elevating the urgency of a ‘Single View of the Customer’ - One Identity.
  2. CIO’s require more secure intelligence in the customer interaction through Context.
  3. Digital business requires privacy and transparency to be effective with today’s customers.
  4. Every industry will be impacted by IOT requiring security & identity at the Device and Person level.  

These points are important to understand, as the security paradigm has changed in this new world of customer-facing, digital business-enabling Identity Relationship Management:


Mike wrapped up his keynote with a couple of examples how ForgeRock customers are using the ForgeRock Identity Platform for their successful digital initiatives. Here the example of Philips:


We would like to thank everyone that attended, and hope this post was useful for people that didn't.



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