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REST Assured … OpenDJ 2.6.0 is Here!!!!

Summer is typically a time for a little fun in the sun and relaxation, but we’re not slowing down here at ForgeRock (although, it’s true, we do always make time for a little fun)! We’re very excited to share with everyone that we’ve upgraded OpenDJ, our amazing open source directory server!

For all of you OpenDJ fans – and for those of you who still need to check it out – in version 2.6.0 we listened to your feedback and now have a simple, developer friendly REST API that can be used to make native calls to the directory. This means traditionalists can continue to use LDAP, but young engineers unfamiliar with LDAP can choose REST as an easy to learn alternative. (To better understand REST check out our blog I Won’t REST Until You Understand REST!.)

In addition to REST, the new release is easier to use and more flexible. For example, the new version brings easier access to directory data, more flexible and efficient audit logs and easier transition from older versions. The upgraded version also includes new Linux native packages to facilitate the automatic deployment of OpenDJ in the private and public cloud.

The best part of the open source community is working with incredibly talented people to make something even better, and we could not have upgraded OpenDJ without the time and code shared by our many developers and contributors, in addition to the feedback we received from all of you about issues in our JIRA and documentation.

Interested in seeing the complete list of features, enhancements, fixed defects and contributors? Check out Ludovic Poitou’s post on OpenDJ here. Also, as you check out the new version, let us know what you think – we’re always excited to hear your thoughts on what we’re working on!

Daniel Raskin


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