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Revolutionizing IAM, The Kantara Way

Since the launch of our IRM platform, we’ve seen a lot of traction from both industry thought leaders and customers. A slew of new ForgeRock customers are designing or re-designing their customer portals to create a more customer-centric experience and expand relationships. And, many of these customers – like Axalta and GEICO – have told us they are turning to our IRM platform to support their portal development because of our shared vision around relationship management. So the shift from IAM to IRM continues as the mindset of companies, which are tapping into a world driven by the Internet of Things, moves from simple security management to revenue-driving relationship management.

We recently read an article in Regarding ID Magazine’s winter issue by Joni Brennan, executive director at Kantara Initiative. The article – Evolving IAM: Shifting to Identity Relationship Management – perfectly summarizes the evolution of IAM and some of the concepts that company decision-makers should keep in mind as they look to leverage new technologies and offer new revenue-generating services to customers.

In the article, Joni emphasizes that new business-focused pillars of IRM will take a front seat in an Internet-connected world. For example, security components like IAM will no longer be just operating expense, but also a way to drive top-line revenue. We couldn’t agree more: we see security, especially IRM, becoming a key revenue driver this year.

Are you seeing some of these changes in your organization? Do you think IRM will be a revenue generator in 2014, too?

And if you’re already an IRM fan, don’t forget to show your support for the movement!

Rebecca Golden


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