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Scott McNealy: Why ForgeRock

By Markus Weber, @MWatForgeRock

When Scott McNealy says something, people listen. Not surprisingly, Scott had a few things to say at our recent “Chief Wine Officer” event in San Francisco. One of the areas Scott highlighted were his top 3 reasons for selecting ForgeRock for customer-facing identity:


1. Think beyond employees, and how you plan to manage the identities
of users, devices and things.

2. Scale, Scale, Scale. Scale matters, and ForgeRock’s DNA is based on
telco and carrier-grade scale from Sun.

3. Open source provides options that proprietary software can’t. For example,
with open source you have a low barrier to exit because you have access to the source code.


Watch him:

In addition to the above, Scott had a few other fascinating remarks:

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Watch all of these remarks at: