Six More Reasons to Love ForgeRock SDKs


The ForgeRock Identity Platform gets better all the time and our focus on delivering software development kits (SDKs) underscores our commitment to helping you build secure apps faster. Earlier this year, we talked about the Six Reasons Why ForgeRock SDKs Make Sense. Today, we are pleased to announce there are now six more reasons you can count on ForgeRock SDKs to make your life easier. 

Let’s take a closer look at SDK 2.0. 

Reason 1: Unlock Intelligent Access

Intelligent Access combines Intelligent Authentication (or authentication trees) capabilities that our customers appreciate with Intelligent Self-Service (self-service trees). Intelligent Access includes new journeys for user registration, password reset, and progressive profiling to name just a few advanced features. With this new release, our SDKs now support Intelligent Access, effectively doubling the number of supported use cases. Now, developers using SDKs can save time and integrate authentication, registration, and self-service journeys into their apps faster than ever before.

Reason 2: Access Device Context

SDK Blog 2.0 1.png

ForgeRock SDKs can collect contextual information from devices (or browsers) and seamlessly integrate with the new Device Profile Nodes of the ForgeRock IAM Platform. Device context can be used to build sophisticated authentication journeys and detect anomalies such as deviations in previously trusted devices, geo-fence breaches, access from tampered devices, and more. By using the SDKs, you can start building better authentication journeys with device context in no time.

Reason 3: Exceptional User Experiences With Usernameless and Passwordless Authentication

SDK Blog 2.0 2.png


Say goodbye to usernames and passwords with ForgeRock Go while providing great user experiences without compromising security. Our JavaScript SDK now supports FIDO2-based strong authentication with WebAuthn. This enables you to build this secure and seamless login experience into your single-page apps (SPAs) with ease. Our SDK can help you go passwordless faster.

Reason 4: Improve Application Security

Our SDKs do more than just simplify the integration with the ForgeRock IAM Platform. They have native capabilities to improve application security by implementing industry best practices and adopting the latest technologies in the iOS and Android ecosystem. Starting with this release, the ForgeRock iOS SDK uses Apple's Secure Enclave for hardware-backed encryption and storage of tokens. When you use our SDKs, you can be sure that credentials are in good hands. 

Reason 5: Simplify the User Experience With In-App Authenticator

Using one time passwords generated by soft tokens or push notification based approvals are great ways to improve security by introducing a second factor in the authentication flow. Traditionally however this approach comes at the cost of user experience. End users are forced to download and use a dedicated Authenticator app which introduces a lot of friction in the user experience. With the latest version of the SDK, you can now embed these capabilities into your own mobile apps and provide your users a superior, branded and seamless authentication experience

Reason 6: Secure High-Value Transactions

Great experiences and proper security during login are paramount, but your customers have come to expect, and are also looking for, that same level of security during each and every transaction. That’s why they need a Zero Trust model or Continuous Adaptive Risk and Trust Assessment (CARTA). With ForgeRock SDKs you can improve security by requiring the user to perform additional verifications when engaging in a high-risk transaction or while performing an action that deviates from their normal behavior. For example, they must reauthenticate by using a second factor or respond to a push notification on their mobile device.

For more information go to our SDK page or get started today with documents that provide you step-by-step instructions for your next integration project: