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Robert Humphrey

Author: Robert Humphrey

The IoT Opportunity: Dell Technologies

Sep. 18, 2017

Next up in the IoT Opportunity series is Andy Rhodes, VP IoT Commercial Solutions at Dell Technologies. We’re excited to feature one of our partners on this program, let alone one of the largest Internet of Things (IoT) companies in the world. Andy is a wealth of knowledge around IoT and provides great insights into…

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Mike Ellis

Author: Mike Ellis

Excellence – It’s Contagious

Jul. 18, 2017

We’re having a good July. Earlier this month, ForgeRock was named a winner of the IoT Security Excellence Award from IoT Evolution World. Then late last week we got word that we’d been named to the Momentum Partners Q2 2017 Watch List – a collection of ten “innovative and breakout” companies in the cybersecurity space.…

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Mike Ellis

Author: Mike Ellis

Talking Trends Part 3 – The Media Movement and Digital Health

Jun. 15, 2017

The conclusion of my three part blog series on the KPCB Internet Trends Report 2017. Here I consider the changing media landscape and rise of digital health. The New Media Movement The Internet Trends report also explores how media has evolved as music and video move to on-demand, subscription models. There’s been a fundamental shift in…

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Hermann Wimmer

Author: Hermann Wimmer

Stop #2 of Identity Live 2017 – Düsseldorf

Jun. 7, 2017

Stop #2 of Identity Live 2017 was in Düsseldorf, Germany! The room was filled with customers, prospects and partners who came to hear from engaging analysts, identity experts, and ForgeRock customers, such as Amer Sports and HSBC. The common theme of the day was customer identity, with sessions covering the latest trends in privacy (particularly…

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Mike Ellis

Author: Mike Ellis

Identity Live: On Tour in Austin

May. 15, 2017

A couple of weeks ago we took the band to Austin for the first stop of Identity Live, our global summit series. We had a great group of customers, prospects, and partners who all came to hear the latest on customer identity, privacy and consent, the internet of things, and other topics critical to digital…

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Aron Kozak

Author: Aron Kozak

Industry 4.0 and the Role of Identity and Access Management

May. 11, 2017

Industry 4.0: One of the hotter topics in industrial computing, refers to the creation and usage of “smart factories.” The term Industry 4.0 was initially coined in 2011 as part of the German government’s strategy around the digitization of the manufacturing industry. As a concept it’s evolved somewhat, having also grown to include some of…

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John Pinson

Author: John Pinson

ForgeRock Joins the Linux Foundation’s EdgeX Foundry as Founding Member

Apr. 24, 2017

With the Hannover Messe show kicking off earlier today in Germany, we’re seeing all kinds of news on digital identity management and internet of things topics. We put out our own news late last week, announcing both the launch of our new ForgeRock Edge Security offering and an Early Access Program in partnership with ARM,…

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Ken Wattana

Author: Ken Wattana

Defend Your Devices says Homeland Security

Feb. 23, 2017

“IoT security is now a matter of homeland security”. That’s from a recent report released by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, “Strategic Principles for Securing the Internet of Things”. The DHS acknowledges that the IoT offers great opportunities for innovation, but doesn’t shy away from warning of the great risk that we face from…

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