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John Donovan

Author: John Donovan

Allan Foster Will Talk ‘Power to the People’ at UnSummit Singapore

Sep. 14, 2017

Trust conquers all. And, if we aren’t on guard, it may endanger us all, too. As digital transformation spreads worldwide, more consumers are sharing more information than ever. That’s prompting regulatory bodies to look closely at how enterprises are handling this data. At the Singapore Identity UnSummit on September 19, our own Allan Foster will shed…

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Eve Maler

Author: Eve Maler

Privacy@Scale & The Data Driven Economy Project

Jul. 5, 2016

Exploring a New Paradigm for Personal Data A year ago, Facebook commissioned a program to explore how the data driven economy is evolving and to pose the question: how can we sustainably maximize the contribution personal data makes to the economy, to society, and, crucially, to individuals? We’re transitioning into an era in which people’s…

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Rebecca Golden

Author: Rebecca Golden

Revolutionizing IAM, The Kantara Way

Feb. 11, 2014

Since the launch of our IRM platform, we’ve seen a lot of traction from both industry thought leaders and customers. A slew of new ForgeRock customers are designing or re-designing their customer portals to create a more customer-centric experience and expand relationships. And, many of these customers – like Axalta and GEICO – have told…

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Daniel Raskin

Author: Daniel Raskin

Identity Relationship Management Believers of the World Unite!

Oct. 8, 2013

Wow – just read Joni Brennan’s (Kantara Initiative) latest blog on the evolution of IAM to IRM – identity and access management to identity relationship management. Her post does an excellent job of summing up the future of IAM in four fundamental business pillars and four joint technical pillars and matching them to the evolution…

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