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Lani Leuthvilay

Author: Lani Leuthvilay

How Social Identity Improves the Customer Experience – Four Points

Jun. 23, 2017

Organizations need to embrace digital transformation to evolve with the changing business landscape. A component of this change is the rapid adoption of social media. At ForgeRock, we understand people are social and customers love simple — so why not integrate the two to deliver a frictionless omni-channel customer experience? This is where the power…

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Wayne Blacklock

Author: Wayne Blacklock

Open Banking is Nearly Here and it is Going to Change Everything

May. 3, 2017

In 2016 the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) concluded its investigation into the UK banking sector by mandating that the nine largest banks in the UK must enable customers to share their data securely with other banks and third parties in order to accelerate digital change, enable new types of banking services and increase competitiveness…

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Eve Maler

Author: Eve Maler

Who Are the Identerati?

Mar. 22, 2017

You’re familiar with digital identity standards like OpenID Connect, OAuth, and User-Managed Access, fundamental elements of privacy and security on the internet. But have you ever wondered how they came to be? A lot of work on these protocols went on (and goes on) behind the scenes at the Internet Identity Workshop (IIW), a bi-annual…

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Eve Maler

Author: Eve Maler

Privacy@Scale & The Data Driven Economy Project

Jul. 5, 2016

Exploring a New Paradigm for Personal Data A year ago, Facebook commissioned a program to explore how the data driven economy is evolving and to pose the question: how can we sustainably maximize the contribution personal data makes to the economy, to society, and, crucially, to individuals? We’re transitioning into an era in which people’s…

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