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Checking in with ForgeRock Co-Founder Jonathan Scudder

The KuppingerCole Access Management and Federation Leadership Compass is one of the identity industry’s most-awaited analyst publications of the year. It offers an in-depth review of the main players in the market, classifying each as Followers, Challengers or Leaders – similar to Gartner Magic Quadrant reports or the Forrester Wave. The 2016 edition was warmly received here at ForgeRock HQ because – for the first time – we were named as a Leader in all four categories: Product, Innovation, Market and Overall.

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IAM Solution of the Year

Good News from the Computing Security Awards

Last Thursday, October 8th, the same day we held our very successful Identity Summit in London (and for a recap of that event, check out this post) we got word that ForgeRock OpenAM had been named Identity and Access Management Solution of the Year for 2015 at the Computing Security Awards.

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Get Your Questions Answered at ForgeRock BackStage Knowledge Base

Senior Director Customer Success, Americas


At the end of 2014, we quietly rolled out our new ForgeRock BackStage Knowledge Base, a one-stop shop for support information on all ForgeRock products, tools and resources. Since then we’ve continually added new articles and how-to content to the point where we wanted to put out a formal communication to ensure all ForgeRock customers and users are aware of, and can start taking advantage of the Knowledge Base.

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It’s happened: There are no hypothetical IoT wearables anymore

[written by Eve Maler, VP Innovation & Emerging Technology, @xmlgrrl]

The year was 2000, and those of us who had invented XML were going around talking it up. Dan Connolly of the World Wide Web Consortium would use a hypothetical example of a schema, the Pig Farmers’ Markup Language, to discuss XML’s benefits. Only a few years later, I ran into an agricultural group that had basically created that language. There were no hypothetical “MLs” anymore.

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Achieving Scalable Access Control and Privacy Protection With User-Managed Access

With so much data online, absolute secrecy of private or confidential information is impractical because, often enough, you must share it for good reason, such as disclosing your income to your tax accountant or sharing your health information with your insurance and potentially with different doctors. In addition to software safeguards, ensuring that proprietary information is delivered only into the right hands at the right time requires preplanning and tool support.

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OpenAM And The ELK Stack - A Security Event Dashboard

Being able to monitor what’s going with business- or mission-critical software is key to any IT organization. Be it for troubleshooting, auditing, business or IT performance reviews, SLAs, or what have you.

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ForgeRock OpenAM is now OpenID Certified

Confirms interoperability between identity systems in order to support a vibrant ecosystem

mweber Wed, 04/22/2015 - 06:15
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