Talking Trends Part 3 - The Media Movement and Digital Health

The conclusion of my three part blog series on the KPCB Internet Trends Report 2017. Here I consider the changing media landscape and rise of digital health.

The New Media Movement

The Internet Trends report also explores how media has evolved as music and video move to on-demand, subscription models.

There’s been a fundamental shift in the way content is produced, delivered, and consumed as companies like Spotify, Netflix, and YouTube continue to disrupt the media business. It’s all about improving the customer experience, providing greater choice via skinny bundles to retain cord cutters, delivering seamless streaming, and personalizing for individual preferences. That’s similar to the challenge the BBC faced when they chose ForgeRock to power their iPlayer service. Using the ForgeRock Identity Platform, the BBC was able to transform into a modern media organization, delivering an omnichannel customer experience, with personalized streaming across a wide range of devices.

Data Privacy is the New Black

Healthcare has relied on data for decades, but today’s technology is generating and collecting more health data than ever before. And digital platforms are making that data more accessible to the patient. The report notes year-over-year growth in the number of hospitals providing digital access to healthcare information.

New digital health platforms are enabling greater transparency and data sharing between caretakers, patients, and third parties. However, all of this data needs to be secured. To comply with strict privacy regulations like HIPAA and the EU’s GDPR, it’s critical that hospitals only provide access when appropriate. Philips Healthcare is no stranger to this challenge. They’re industry leaders in delivering digital health experiences with their Healthsuite Digital Platform, a cloud platform of services, capabilities and tools - supporting care scenarios in the clinic and beyond. The platform enables secure sharing of patient data across applications and from hospital to home, ensuring continuous care for improved outcomes. Philips chose ForgeRock to secure access to all applications on the Healthsuite Platform and to manage data privacy. The future of healthcare is giving patients control over who can access their personal data, for how long, and over what devices, increasing privacy and the level of consent.

It feels like we’re once again in the midst of another major technological transformation, one that takes us to a truly connected world, where everything you interact with has knowledge of who you are, what you like, and what you want. It might be powered by the IoT, but the fundamentals - those of security, customer experience, and privacy - will remain rooted in digital identity. In this new Era of Identity, digital identity will be critical to every engagement and transaction that occurs in the world. I’m excited to see how things develop!

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Mike Ellis is Chairman and CEO at ForgeRock. You can follow him on Twitter @MikeEllis100