The IoT Opportunity: KPN

You've heard it all before. The internet of things (IoT) has arrived, it's massive, it's going to change everything, and you need to act now. But going beyond the top 10 lists, surveys, consultant white papers, and best practices guides, what's really interesting is what the leaders of serious IoT initiatives at some of the most innovative companies in the world have to say. 

We're pleased to partner with Hot Topics, a global media platform for business leaders, to bring you the “IoT Opportunity", an interview series with C-level executives at some of the world’s top digital organizations. In the coming months, we’ll get real world insights from these leaders on how the IoT is transforming the way we do business and build relationships with our customers. They'll consider the security and privacy risks that come with introducing billions of connected devices into the digital ecosystem and provide a practical lens through which to view the great opportunity that it also holds.

Our first interview is with Jaya Baloo, CISO of KPN. KPN is the largest telecommunications company in the Netherlands and is seriously involved in the IoT as a connectivity provider. Jaya shares her views on IoT privacy and security, the opportunity of LoRa networks, what KPN is doing around IoT, and much more. I think this line from her interview really sums up a critical issue for the IoT: "You can't have privacy without security built in." Stay tuned for more interviews!

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