TomTom Wins "Best Consumer Identity Project" at EIC

Breaking news! ForgeRock customer TomTom won “Best Consumer Identity Project” at Europe’s biggest identity conference, EIC, presented by KuppingerCole.

“TomTom has initiated a program for delivering a new identity platform that manages identities of customers and devices worldwide at very large scale. The identity platform is a global solution. It is a great example of a way to manage all identities ─ of peoples, devices, and things ─ in a consistent way.”
KuppingerCole 2016

TomTom is a navigation, traffic, mapping, and GPS-focused company that uses the ForgeRock Identity Platform to secure the identities of consumers, devices, and things, worldwide. They’re working with us and our partner Everett to launch cool services like these:

  • Sync smartphone navigation, journey planning on the desktop, and navigation devices, so consumers can plan travel in advance but react in real-time
  • Single sign-on to all TomTom services across all devices, whether it’s on a sports watch or a personal navigation device.
  • In-car devices with their own identities, so TomTom can share traffic and navigation data with our cars
  • A unified user profile that can access all TomTom platforms from any device, whether a smart watch, GPS, laptop, and more

We love to see TomTom in the spotlight for this ambitious and highly successful identity project. And, we’re proud that this award confirms that ForgeRock offers the best unified identity platform on the market for innovative digital businesses like TomTom.

KuppingerCole thinks so too. In their recently released “Leadership Compass - Access Management and Federation,” KuppingerCole named ForgeRock a leader in all four categories (Overall, Market, Product, and Innovation) and the outright leader in the Innovation category. Read up on the report here.

Want to know more about TomTom and their award winning identity project? Read on!

About TomTom

TomTom empowers movement. Every day millions of people around the world depend on TomTom to make smarter decisions. They design and develop innovative products that make it easy for people to keep moving towards their goals. Best known for being a global leader in navigation and mapping products, TomTom also creates GPS sports watches, as well as state-of-the-art fleet management solutions and industry-leading location-based products.

The TomTom business consists of four customer-facing business units: Consumer, Automotive, Licensing and Telematics. It has over 4,600 employees and 58 offices in 35 countries worldwide. Since 2004, TomTom has sold over 78 million personal navigation devices and the company’s navigable maps span over 135 countries, reaching more than 4 billion people. TomTom’s real-time traffic information service is available in 50 countries and over 625,000 professional drivers are powered by the TomTom fleet management solution WEBFLEET

The Challenge

Over time, TomTom’s different business units grew independently and created their own customer identification systems. With the introduction of new digital technologies and their rapid growth globally, TomTom needed to unify their customer databases and create a single consumer experience that would allow them to truly understand their consumer across all channels. To enable new technology like MyDrive, a smart route planner, TomTom needed consumers to have a single, persistent identity that followed them from their laptop, to their mobile device, to their car navigation system in order to create a seamless user experience. The identity platform also had to be able to scale to handle millions of concurrent users.

Originally, TomTom’s solution for Identity and Access Management was proprietary and did not follow industry standards. However, the growth of the IoT in the automotive space meant that navigation was no longer solely delivered on hardware manufactured by TomTom or on a dedicated navigation solution. This created external demands for TomTom to develop an IAM platform that met industry standards in order to integrate with other services and systems. TomTom realized that their legacy platform could not support the demands of the digital era.

The Solution

TomTom turned to ForgeRock to unify their approach of managing the identity of users, devices, and things. Working with identity systems integrator and ForgeRock partner, Everett, TomTom has migrated to the ForgeRock Identity Platform to manage its digital identities worldwide. There are three main components to the project:

  • “AMS - Access Management Service”: ForgeRock components are used to give “In-Dash” (built in) devices in cars their own identity, allowing TomTom to deliver services to the car.
  • “UAM - User Access Management”: TomTom will establish a Single Sign-On experience for customers on the TomTom website.
  • “CUDS - Common User Data Store”: Customers are being migrated from a legacy platform to a new Identity Management Platform built with ForgeRock components.

All of these initiatives have the same goal: to gain control of consumer identity across all TomTom market areas and channels by consolidating identities in a central location.

Global Impact

The ForgeRock Identity Platform supports millions of TomTom consumers, devices and things throughout the world. The solution is primarily focused on consumer identities for TomTom’s connected devices, the e-commerce platform, and for in-dashboard devices installed by car manufacturers.

Consumer Benefit

The solution is designed to provide a central point containing all accounts and a uniform identity strategy over all users, devices and touch points, providing a number of key benefits to the consumer:

  • With one identity, the consumer will be able to gain control over their own data, services and devices.
  • User authentication means TomTom knows that it is really you that is logging in.
  • Users and devices are secured before they can access services, manage data, and engage with TomTom.
  • There is a single way to log-in to services across all products and business units
  • Device authorization makes sure you can access services that you’re entitled to access

Primary Business Drivers

  • Reduced time and cost for integrating new services. Because the ForgeRock Identity Platform is built on open standards like OAuth, SAML, and REST that enable product interoperability, TomTom is able to easily introduce new systems into their digital ecosystem.
  • Standard IAM platform for business units and products enables TomTom to accelerate time to market for new services and devices
  • Improving consumer experience leads to greater consumer satisfaction and brand loyalty
  • Reduced risks and costs associated with security by using an identity platform that adheres to security standards and receives regular updates based on global security developments and standards adoption.
  • Easier to maintain and upgrade than a proprietary system. Commercial open source model means TomTom can also contribute code back to the code base and benefits from contributions of other developers.
  • Ease of migration from legacy systems.
  • Ability to build trust with customers by creating a secure, unified IAM platform.
  • A unified and flexible platform enables the company to address unique vertical market objectives as well as regional regulatory requirements.

TomTom’s digital ecosystem continues to evolve as it develops new products and services. This requires a market leading IAM platform that can keep up with the pace of innovation. The ForgeRock Identity Platform helps TomTom to reach their strategic business goals and empower movement around the globe.

Recognized as a leader in digital identity

The TomTom identity solution is one of the largest deployments worldwide based on a single identity platform. It delivers TomTom a secure platform with which to build trust with its customers (consumers and OEM) while also enhancing the end-user experience. From a business perspective, this identity platform is directly impacting both the top and bottom line revenue as well as stockholder value. The TomTom identity project is unique and demonstrates the true value IAM can have for the business.