Twitter Chat with @xmlgrrl Eve Maler: #ConsentFutures

(Note: We've updated the UK time for the chat. For our friends in London and Bristol, the chat will kick off at 5pm local time! The expiration of Daylight Savings Time threw us off a bit, but we're back on track now.)

The biggest news to hit the data privacy and regulatory worlds over the past few weeks is the European Court of Justice finding that undermined the Safe Harbor provisions between the EU and the US. Everyone is talking about it, so let’s get together for a Twitter chat!

What: Twitter chat with @ForgeRock and @xmlgrrl: Safe Harbor and the Future of Consent

When: Tuesday, November 3, 9am PT / noon ET / 5pm UK (GMT+0)

Hashtag: #ConsentFutures

We’ll focus on the EU trend lines, an innovation-centric view of consent, and how the User-Managed Access (UMA) standard contributes to the landscape. Some questions to warm up the discussion:

  • What did the EU Court of Justice decide re #SafeHarbor and did it have a subtext?
  • How different are the "post-Snowden" and “pre-Snowden” eras, really?
  • How can User-Managed Access (@UMAWG) help businesses address challenges related to #SafeHarbor and consent?

If you have questions (or answers) you’d like to pose, throw them our way ahead of time. Feel free to post in comments, or tweet them out using the #ConsentFutures hashtag. If you’re interested in reading up on #SafeHarbor and related issues, this backgrounder from the Court of Justice of the European Union is a good starting place. Here’s a Tech Crunch article that provides a lot of detail also.

Don’t forget to earmark November 3 and join us at #ConsentFutures!