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Two Product Releases: OpenIDM 3.0 & OpenIG 3.0!

The most effective organizations have the identity infrastructure in place to generate a single, unified view of their customer for better customer engagement.  However, as more applications, devices and things come online and interact on the customer’s behalf, this picture gets more complex. To keep pace with the constant change, it is essential that organizations have the right identity administration tools in place to easily identity-enable any service online.

With that in mind, we at ForgeRock are extremely excited to announce the launch of two new fantastic product updates to our Open Identity Stack: OpenIDM 3.0 and OpenIG 3.0. New versions of the products are available immediately and can be downloaded at

OpenIDM 3.0:

Unlike legacy identity management offerings, which were designed for internal identity governance and compliance, we have always viewed identity administration through a very different lense. We want to arm organization’s with a massively scalable identity administration solution that can integrate with anything so that you can offer more dynamic services to your customer. In short, we view identity administration as the key to enabling seamless customer experiences across any application, device or thing, helping you to provide a more engaging and integrated customer experience.

Key release highlights include:

  • Role-based provisioning for easily managing roles across users, devices, and things.

  • High availability, out-of-the-box cluster configurations, and synchronization delivery guarantees help protect your mission-critical processes.

  • Modern RESTful APIs and product-wide Javascript and Groovy scripting make developer adoption straightforward.

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OpenIG 3.0:

AS organizations roll out new applications and APIs they need extremely agile ways of identity-enabling these services so they can expose them to the customer. Whether it be to offer more value to end-users or to monetize a new service, the ability to tie identity to these offerings is critical. With OpenIG, organizations can quickly identity-enable applications and APIs for roll-out and monetization. 

Key release highlights include:

  • Extends your authentication, authorization, and risk policies to mobile, cloud, and enterprise applications – without the need to change backend applications.

  • Integrates smoothly with existing, standards-based Identity Providers (e.g. OpenAM, SAML 2.0 IdP, Google OpenID Connect).

  • Protects machine-to-machine communications and API access, leading to immediate revenue opportunities.

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Enjoy the new innovations and as the great Curtis Mayfield once said “keep on keepin’ on!”