Unified Identity Platform Training at ForgeRock University 

ForgeRock University, the award-winning technical training division of ForgeRock, has today released the first integrated training curriculum for identity to deliver world-class skills to today’s identity experts.  Identity management success requires professionals who can prove their mastery with the tools and techniques of identity and access management, which are critical for today’s organizations.

Identity and Access Management skills are critical to the success of digital identity solutions using the ForgeRock Identity Platform™ and our goal at ForgeRock University is to educate the identity workforce of the future. With our certification program we can provide real proof to employers that individuals understand and are well prepared to work with the technologies involved in deploying ForgeRock solutions.

Creating a true integrated curriculum takes significant effort from a wide range of experts. Here at ForgeRock, that process began one year ago with a series of in-depth job task analysis events where - together with technical consultants, product management, partners and engineering - the critical factual and procedural knowledge tenets for expertise in ForgeRock™ technologies was established.  The output from these sessions was captured as detailed front-end analysis documents, which drove the remainder of the curriculum development process.

A minimum of two person-years of effort goes into each course that is created, with extensive labs, course books with over 700 pages of detailed technical content, and in-depth technical environments being created by a team of curriculum development experts based around the world.  For example, the course team involved in creating the Deploying ForgeRock Access Management course are located in locations as diverse as Stavanger, Norway; Bristol, UK; Vancouver, Washington; and San Francisco, California - a truly global effort.

The courses released last week include: Deploying ForgeRock Access Management (FR-420), ForgeRock Access Management - Customization and APIs (FR-421), Implementing ForgeRock Identity Management, and ForgeRock Directory Services Administration, Maintenance and Tuning (FR-462).

In addition, the ForgeRock™ Certified OpenAM Specialist exam will be refreshed shortly, in line with the curriculum updates. To release a completely refreshed curriculum in one go is a significant milestone for any vendor, so it is a great step forward for ForgeRock.  To register on the new classes please visit the ForgeRock University site.