US Identity Summit 2015 - A Recap of Day 1

What a great start to the Identity Summit 2015, hosted by ForgeRock.
(blog post put together by the ForgeRock Product Marketing Team)

ForgeRock CEO Mike Ellis kicked things off with his presentation “Using Identity to Empower CIOs Everywhere”. Slides can be viewed here:


Using Identity to Empower CIOs (Mike Ellis, CEO ForgeRock, Keynote) from ForgeRock

A very interesting view on “Achieving the Holy Grail of Identity” was then given by Scott McNealy, ForgeRock advisor and former CEO and co-founder of Sun Microsystems:


Achieving the Holy Grail of Identity (Scott McNealy, Identity Summit) from ForgeRock

This was followed by a panel on Digital Transformation, moderated by
David Mathison, Curator, Chief Digital Officer Summit and Founder, CDO Club and Mike Ellis, CEO, ForgeRock. The panelists included:

  • Bill Phelps, Managing Director, Global Practice Lead, Security Services at Accenture
  • Jeff Elgin, Enterprise Platforms and Frameworks Engineering, Capital One
  • Jen McClure, Vice President, Digital & Social Media, Thomson Reuters

All morning, the room was packed with interested attendees:

As always, a great presentation was delivered by Ian Glazer, Senior Director, Identity, “Stop Treating Your Customers Like Your Employees”.
Slide can be found here:


Stop Treating Your Customers Like Your Employees (Ian Glazer, Salesforce) from ForgeRock

This was followed by a ForgeRock Customer Panel: “Identity Driving Digital Transformation”
Moderated by Mike Ellis, great insights into their ForgeRock Identity Platform deployments were given by:

  • Jason Carmichael, Manager, Enterprise Architecture, Availity
  • Cathy Rector, Digital Transformation Strategist (Vantiv)
  • Jeff Bagby, VP of Collaboration, Thomson Reuters
  • Jan Löffler, Head of Platform Engineering, Zalando

Identity Summit Gold Sponsor Accenture then provided a view on “Tale of Two Views: B2C vs. B2E”, delivered by Alexander Bolante, Managing Director, Accenture.
Slides are here:


Tale of Two Views: B2C VS. B2E (Alexander Bolante, Identity Summit) from ForgeRock

This first morning was then wrapped by a team from the ForgeRock CTO Innovation Labs, lead by CTO and co-founder Lasse Andersen.
Topics that we demo’ed live was a smart city project, and using a graph database to represent relationships between user identities, user and things, and things amongst themselves. This was delivered together with our partner Nulli.


Business Breakouts
Steve Tout, Director of Cybersecurity and Privacy at PricewaterhouseCoopers, started the business breakout by presenting: Identity Coherence – Transforming the Customer Journey, and explained the importance of connected and coherent identity in order to transform customer journeys. The impact of disconnected user experiences on employee productivity, for example, will result in millions of dollars in avoidable sunk costs. In order to achieve identity coherence in organizations with hundreds or thousands of applications and disparate identity silos, Tout recommends organizations have a IAM strategy with federated provisioning, linking and correlation and an integrated IAM architecture that will satisfy user expectations in every business context.
Slides for this are not shared with the public.

Tom Kofford, Solution Manager at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, presented Flexibility is King in a Fast Pace Space, a case study on their use of OpenAM and why LDS decided to replace their existing Single Sign On solution and go with ForgeRock. Attendees heard a first-hand account of challenges, strategies and results. Kofford also noted the importance of having a flexible access management solution and that OpenAM delivers that need.


Identity Summit 2015: Flexibility is King in a Fast-Paced Space. Case Study: OpenAM at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from ForgeRock

After Tom, Dmitry Barinov, CTO at SecureKey and Ashley Stevenson, Identity Technology Director at ForgeRock presented and Identity Management Systems.
They discussed the technology behind the service, and how the NSTIC guidelines and requirements were met. In addition, this session covered the use case where ForgeRock’s IAM platform integrated with to manage user access to online government services.


Identity Summit 2015: and Identity Management Systems from ForgeRock

Dr. Per Gyllstrom, Cheif Architect at EnerNOC delivered: The Transformation of IAM for EnerNOC’s Next-Generation Architecture,a presentation on how ForgeRock is helping to support EnerNOC’s rapid growth worldwide which has generated new IAM requirements including: federation (external customers, internal acquisitions), strong authentication, delegated administration, user growth (up to millions of users), financial data access, fine grained access, efficient user provisioning and web services security.


Identity Summit 2015: EnerNOC Case Study: The Transformation of IAM for EnerNOC’s Next Generation Architecture from ForgeRock

After Dr. Per Gyllstrom, Sudeep Banerjee, Program Manager at AAMC and Jim McDonald, Director at Identropy presented The top 5 challenges standing in the way of successful IAM programs and that it is critical to not only treat IAM as a program instead of a project but to also fight for the user experience if you want your organization to succeed.

Sudeep Banerjee at AAMC: "You have to fight for the user experience" #identitysummit

— ForgeRock (@ForgeRock) May 28, 2015


Identity Summit 2015: AAMC Case Study: The top 5 challenges to a successful IAM program from ForgeRock

Faday Semaan, Senior Technical Directory of Identity at Aol and George Fletcher, Chief Architect at Aol, presented a case study on Multi-tenancy in the enterprise, highlighted the security challenges acquisitions face and the need to centralize identity services. One solution discussed is to support multi-tenancy within the enterprise to allow these acquisitions, or even disparate groups within the enterprise, to have their “own” identity solution that is centrally managed and protected.


Identity Summit 2015: Aol Case Study. Multi-Tenancy in the Enterprise. from ForgeRock

2Keys Corporation 2Keys Corporation VP of Technology, John Spicer, presented recent developments in Canadian digital identity. He explained how 2Keys provides IAM services to Canadian governments and financial institutions and he covered recent progress in the use of identity attributes to provide secure access for external users to entitlements and online services using ForgeRock technologies, as well as recent developments at the Digital ID and Authentication of Council of Canada (DIACC).


Identity Summit 2015: 2Keys Canadian Digital Identity from ForgeRock

After John, Chief Revenue Officer Chris O’grady discussed how over the last 30 years hackers have continuously found new ways to execute cyber attacks; from traditional network infrastructure, email, the web and now social media due to its vulnerability with scale, volume and its trusted nature. With over 2 Billion people using social login, it’s imperative organizations have a solution and presented an innovative identity and access management service connecting the ZeroFOX solution with the ForgeRock Identity Platform™ and how this partnership enhances identity and access management by leveraging threat indicators found on social media to help spot malicious actors, spam, malware and phishing attempts. The result is real-time protection of individuals and enterprises alike.

Chris at ZeroFox: "2 Billion people use social login"

— ForgeRock (@ForgeRock) May 28, 2015





Technical Breakout

Dev Ops Geek Fest: Automating the ForgeRock Platform
Warren Strange, Director, Sales Engineering, ForgeRock gare a great presentation on automating the ForgeRock platform. His presentation covered how modern identity management platforms must be agile enough to respond to demanding business timelines and how a solid dev-ops strategy could be the difference between hitting or missing business-critical deadlines.


Dev Ops Geek Fest: Automating the ForgeRock Platform from ForgeRock

Following Warren, Victor Ake, VP Customer Innovation, ForgeRock and Stein Myrseth, Technology Solutions Director, ForgeRock presented: Provisioning IoT...Oh Baby You Know Meeee! where they talked about the different ways to address the complex identity challenges of IoT.


Provisioning IoT...Oh Baby You Know Meeee! from ForgeRock

Next up was Mark Boyd, Software Engineer, Web Access Management Team from the LDS Church. and Mark presented: OpenAM: It Can Be Your RADIUS Server Too. During the presentation Mark discussed the steps in how he turned OpenIDM into a Radius server and gave a great demo of the service and the features he built in.

Following Mark was our very own Eve Maler, VP Innovation & Emerging Technology presenting Digital Consent: Taking UMA from Concept to Reality. Eve has been at the forefront of many standards and has currently taken the lead on the UMA (User Managed Access) standard. During her presentation Eve covered how digital technology is used more and more to engage customers and citizens, proactively providing digital sharing controls and how UMA will be the standard to manage the manage privacy and consent for users.


Digital Consent: Taking UMA from Concept to Reality from ForgeRock

After the break Dave Bennett, Identity Solution Designer and Graph Evangelist from Nulli presented ForgeRock and the Graph: A Match Made for IRM. This was a very cool presentation as Dave was able to show us how graph databases elevate the importance of the relationships by persisting them in the datastore as objects unto themselves. It was even fun to watch Dave move the Graph diagram around…


ForgeRock and the Graph: A Match Made for IRM from ForgeRock

Following Dave, Peter Major, OpenAM Sustaining Lead at ForgeRock came up to talk to us about Taking Flexibility to the Next Level. Peter took us through the main concerns around scripting followed by a sneak peek of OpenAM 13 showcasing the enhanced scripting support.


Taking Flexibility to the Next Level from ForgeRock

Next Andy Forrest, Sr Software Developer at ForgeRock presented Entitlements: Taking Control of the Big Data Gold Rush. Andy gave us a pretty compelling demo leveraging Twitter and light bulbs….. Sound odd? Well it actully made perfect sense and was a great view into how do we can manage entitlements for not only web apps, but also users, devices, and things.


Entitlements: Taking Control of the Big Data Gold Rush from ForgeRock

And the final presentation of the day came from Rob Wapshott, Sr Software Developer at ForgeRock wrapped up the day with: Customer Scale: Stateless Sessions and Managing High-Volume Digital Services. Rob discussed how identity deployments are supporting millions of identities and the requirements for scale and how to meet them.


Customer Scale: Stateless Sessions and Managing High-Volume Digital Services from ForgeRock

What a day!! Thanks to everyone that participated.

More to come tomorrow!