US Identity Summit 2015 - A Recap of Day 2

After a very successful and interesting Day 1 at the Identity Summit, Day 2 continued with some very valuable presentations by existing ForgeRock customers and thought industry leaders.

ForgeRock’s CMO, Robert Humphrey, welcomed all attendees back to Day 2, and provided a brief recap of Day 1 with a nice video.

Successful ForgeRock Customer’s Case Studies

Thomson Reuters is the world’s leading source of intelligent information for businesses and
professionals. Their VP of Collaboration Jeff Bagby, and Sr Director Technology Parvez Naqvi gave an update on their project to eliminate 40 different identity platforms and support over 500 applications and 20 million users.

Thomson Reuters Case Study: Update on Unifying Identity Platforms from ForgeRock

Next up was Kristin Ellis, IT Manager at GEICO Insurance Company, which serves more than 13 million private passenger customers and insures more than 22 million vehicles (auto & cycle). She explained nicely how they are using identity to build more intelligent and responsive relationships with GEICO customers.

How to use “Identity for the Omnicommerce Experience” was explained by Cathy Rector, Digital Transformation Strategist at Vantiv. She highlighted how they selected the ForgeRock Identity Platform to build an integrated payment platform for merchants.

Before wrapping up the day and the Identity Summit, McKesson’s Patrick Stromberg, Architect for Pharmacy Systems and Automation, and Alexey Shmelkin, CISSP, Senior Security Architect, proved an overview of the integration between EnterpriseRx, a pharmacy management system, and ForgeRock products.

McKesson Case Study: Pharmacy Systems & Automation from ForgeRock


Identity and Access Management Industry Leaders and Visionaries

The keynote of Day 2 was delivered by Frank Gillett, VP & Principal Analyst Serving CIOs, Forrester. He explained how data from the digital self and IoT-connected products will offer companies a wide range of new ways to engage with customers throughout the day that will transform product offerings and enable disruptive new business models.
While he had a focus on the Internet of Things (IoT), one thing became clear: Digital identity is at the center of everything!
[if you want to see the slides, please contact us]

Daniel Raskin, VP of Strategy and Marketing at ForgeRock, perfectly captured the essence of modern, customer-facing identity management: “Maximizing Return On Identity (ROI) in a Brave New World”.


Maximizing Return On Identity (ROI) in a Brave New World from ForgeRock

Up next were ForgeRock’s VP of Product Management and Engineering, John Barco and Jamie Nelson, respectively. They delivered a great overview of the big picture of ForgeRock’s Identity Platform, and what’s in store in the near future.


The Platform Big Picture from ForgeRock

Switching gears from product updates to the industry’s need for privacy protection, Michelle Finneran Dennedy, Vice President at Intel Security and Adjunct Faculty Instructor at INI at Carnegie Mellon University called out for new privacy requirements and specifications to engineer better and more objectively respectful data-centric systems that use identity as a critical tool. She did not use any slides but read some parts from her great book.

Continuing on the topic of privacy and consent, ForgeRock’s own UMAtarian and VP of Innovation and Emerging Technology, Eve Maler, provided an overview of Consent 2.0, a promise to give users back the power over their own online privacy.


Consent 2.0: Applying User-Managed Access to the Privacy Challenge from ForgeRock

And it’s a wrap!
ForgeRock CEO Mike Ellis provided an impressive recap of the 2015 US Identity Summit, and thanked all speakers, sponsors, participants, and attendees.

Until next time!

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