What Our Identity Cloud Platform Milestone Means

It’s a very exciting day for the entire ForgeRock team. The release of the ForgeRock Identity Cloud is a big step forward in our company’s transformation and our ambition to lead the next era of digital identity. 

Our mission to help customers create amazing digital experiences, while not sacrificing security, is resonating in the market. Some of the world’s most recognizable brands like the BBC, Macy’s, and BMW count on us to help cultivate deeper relationships with their customers and improve the productivity and connectivity of their workforce.  And nobody does scale like ForgeRock - our customers leverage our technology to support the creation and management of over 1.4 billion identities. 

While our customers love all the bells and whistles that come with our comprehensive and scalable platform, they have asked us to remove complexity to help unlock its value much faster. We listened and the advancements announced today will make our solution simpler for customers to deploy, configure and manage. 

There are two cornerstone solutions we’re delivering as part of the new ForgeRock Identity Cloud. The first is ForgeRock Identity Express, which is available immediately and allows our customers to embed identity experiences into their applications within minutes by leveraging our cloud SaaS. The second is our ForgeRock Identity Cloud PaaS solution, which is a native cloud solution designed to solve our customer’s most challenging and complex identity needs. Our PaaS solution is available in early-access for our customers to test before its released in 2020.  

It’s been a 10-year journey for ForgeRock to get here. In 2010, our founders started exploring the idea of how identity would be at the center of everything. Our track record of innovation has led to many breakthroughs - from our “authentication trees” to the use of containers to help dev-ops use ForgeRock solutions in any public, private or hybrid cloud in minutes.

We made these early bets because we believed - and still do — that a comprehensive identity platform can make it easier and faster to address some of the most pressing problems organizations face - from hyper-personalized experiences to frictionless registration and others. With this milestone, we’re well positioned to deliver turn-key SaaS solutions to quickly solve specific needs for our customers. 

I’m excited about what ForgeRock Identity Cloud means for the future of ForgeRock and our customers and partners. To punctuate the tremendous shift this milestone represents for us, our website and company brand has been refreshed to mirror the incredible optimism we have in our growing portfolio.  

I hope you like what you see as much as I do - a new ForgeRock that’s ready to lead the next era of digital identity and help customers Access The Future! 

Want to hear more? Check out this video.