Why Digital Identity is the Strategic Opportunity of Our Time

Are you making the most of your customers’ identities? There is no doubt: nowadays, customers are demanding more. Having learned what’s possible from global tech giants and online retailers, they expect the same level of real-time, frictionless service from their traditional providers, like telcos and utilities. But while the immediacy of the online experience has changed consumer attitudes, at the same time no one wants to give up the option to go into a store or a branch or contact a call centre 24x7 either. These trends are creating  challenges for incumbents who are already struggling to keep up with all sorts of legacy backend infrastructure challenges. At the upcoming digital identity executive breakfast in Melbourne, hosted by ForgeRock, we'll explore these challenges and opportunities arising around digital identity.

Rather than viewing this situation as a headache, technologists and business designers should view this new era of consumer demand as a strategic opportunity. Modern identity management platforms are the key to a new future; a future that unlocks multichannel, digital-first customer journeys and sets you up for new technologies such as blockchain or biometrics. A future where new regulatory imperatives and rising customer demands can be digested without costly infrastructure projects.

Join us in Melbourne for an executive breakfast with your industry peers to find out how.

Consumer Trust: Why Digital Identity Is the Strategic Opportunity Of Our Time

Thursday 12th April 2018 - White Lane, 31 Flinders Lane, Melbourne

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Who Is Gerd Schenkel?

Gerd is the Founder and Managing Director of BGA Digital, a consulting and development company based in Sydney, Australia and established to help organizations succeed in a digital world. He also served as the Founder and Executive Director of Telstra Digital, Managing Director of UBank and CEO of Tyro Payments. Gerd holds an MBA from Columbia Business School, Master of Science in Engineering/Robotics from Universität Stuttgart and completed graduate engineering studies at Northwestern University.

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