Why ForgeRock Secure Sharing: Trust and Enforce

Most people are willing to share their things with other people they trust. That said, we  also want to be assured that what we are sharing is used in the right way. That’s where "trust and enforce" comes into play.

If your neighbor borrows a screwdriver, you may not be too worried about how it's used. But if you loan your truck to the neighbor, you might be a little more concerned about how it's used. You want to be assured that the borrower doesn’t use your truck for a long-distance trip or take it off road. 

You may also choose to control how your daughter uses your car when she goes to the movies by not giving her permission to transport passengers. 

And when you need to file your taxes, you need to share financial statements with your accountant, but you want to control what data the accountant has access to and what they can do with it.   

Other things you may share in everyday life are your vacation cabin and medical records. These are just a few examples of things that you own and are willing to share but would like to manage in terms of how they are used.

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Most people want the convenience of being able to control their own resources: financial reports, medical records, connected car, smart home, and other property or data. But in many instances, a way for us to manage these resources doesn’t exist or we have to use different proprietary systems for each item. In a world where there is "an app for everything,” we want to control our resources from our mobile devices or via a website. Most of us really don't want to have to contact someone like a customer service agent just to make changes to how we share our resources.

What is Secure Sharing?

ForgeRock Secure Sharing capability is about enabling your users and your organization to have full control over their resources. Think about the resources you are allowing someone to access and what controls and restrictions you want to apply to those resources.  

Organizations that are responsible for user resources can benefit from a sharing solution that helps reduce risk, cut  costs and increase revenue. ForgeRock Secure Sharing can reduce risk by ensuring that user resources are only made available to specific people under certain conditions. This sharing solution is managed by the resource owner, which means that your organization doesn’t need agents or help desk staff to process access requests. Finally, by providing  resource sharing capabilities, your organization can offer new or better services than the competition, which helps attract more new customers and deepen engagement with current customers.

Watch for Part 2 of this three-part blog series, where we discuss the who, what and how of ForgeRock Secure Sharing.

Remember: Trust and enforce!