Zero Trust + Public Policy: Experts Sound Off During Webinar with National Science Foundation, Deloitte, ForgeRock and Federal News Network


Zero Trust has moved from buzzword to architectural focus for many organizations around the world. In fact, the U.S. government released an Executive Order that mandates federal agencies to adopt Zero Trust architectures in order to strengthen security. There are many facets to achieving Zero Trust such as Identity and Access Management (IAM) and the cloud, as well as benefits like improved customer experience and cost savings that often get overshadowed by security.

These topics were covered during a webinar hosted and moderated by Jason Miller from the Federal News Network. The panel discussion featured an impressive group of security experts, including Dorothy Aronson, Chief Information Officer for the National Science Foundation; James Saunders, senior advisor for the Office of Personnel Management; Timothy Li, cyber strategy leader for the government and public services practice at Deloitte; and Kelvin Brewer, a member of ForgeRock's Public Sector team.

Intrigued? You should be. Get their proven strategies for achieving Zero Trust by listening to the webinar available now on demand. Here’s a preview of what you'll hear:

Dorothy Aronson: "As long as we know for sure who you are, that's where this identity piece is absolutely critical. We have to know who you are specifically and then we'll give you the access you need."

Kelvin Brewer: "Identity is the new security perimeter."

James Saunders: "Organizational change management for communications is very important as we roll out new technologies and processes. You have to inform people that things are going to change."

Timothy Li: "The underlying concepts behind Zero Trust are not new right from a cyber security perspective. I think what has changed, though, is how you apply those concepts together."

Check out the webinar on demand.

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