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SecureWorld Boston Virtual Conference

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Join your fellow security professionals from across New England for SecureWorld Boston Virtual Conference on July 15th. Stop by the ForgeRock virtual booth to learn about the latest offerings including the ForgeRock Identity Cloud, Access Management and Governance automated and enabled by artificial intelligence, and the end of passwords and user names with ForgeRock Go. Attendees are eligible to earn CPE credits by attending the sessions and keynotes at SecureWorld Boston.

Identity, Privacy, & Consent: Critical Health Care Capabilities


Delivering a seamless patient experience makes identity the currency of care. Understanding your members, patients and employees by enabling access and a user journey that empowers them is critical for work for home employees and external members. Consumers are increasingly choosing providers who offer digital capabilities. Stay ahead of regulatory rulings while providing ease of use for patient & member information access, and be confident that your external constituents are who they say they are. Re-enforcement of identities can help exercise Zero-Trust.

This will be a high level overview of an expandable identity platform that can prove adaptable for future-proofing member demands. The session will discuss how identity proofing and identity and access management technologies, in combination, allow for health insurance providers and health care providers to create a frictionless experience for their members/patients while maintaining the utmost security in identity. Stop identity fraud at the door, without putting additional pressures on your operational team, so they can focus on what’s important. Transform an online search into a registered and repeat customer.