ForgeRock Intelligent Authentication - Authentication Trees, Signals & Nodes

As part of our Intelligent Authentication initiative in Access Management (AM), which was announced with the launch of the ForgeRock Identity Platform 6.0, ForgeRock has built a new technology that we’re calling Authentication Trees. Our aim is to give our customers the most flexible framework to define their end users’ authentication experience and empower them to build trusted digital relationships.

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Key Retailer Takeaways from Recent ForgeRock Research, Part 1

A retailer’s ability to make vital decisions about digital identity issues requires information and insight, of course.

DougNB Mon, 04/23/2018 - 23:15

ForgeRock Identity Platform 6.0

Intelligent Authentication Ushers in a New Era in Digital Identity

With the RSA Conference kicking off in San Francisco this week, we’re taking the opportunity to unveil the ForgeRock Identity Platform 6.0. A significant advancement in digital identity technology, our new flagship offering will deliver real, measurable business value to ForgeRock customers in fresh new ways. More than ever before, ForgeRock is the key technology provider helping you to build trusted digital relationships across people, services and things.

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Your Gateway to a Simple, Modern and Adaptable CIAM Architecture

Customer identity and access management (CIAM) is essential for digital transformation. But finding the right CIAM solution for your unique business needs can be an arduous journey. Creating value through your CIAM architecture means bridging the gaps between the growing number of business applications, APIs, and microservices.

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Open Banking Week is Coming

At ForgeRock, we take Open Banking seriously. That’s why we’re proud to announce our inaugural Open Banking Week starting on April 23! It will be filled with excellent content and events around this revolutionary regulation. Here’s how it goes:

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Why Digital Identity is the Strategic Opportunity of Our Time

Are you making the most of your customers’ identities? There is no doubt: nowadays, customers are demanding more. Having learned what’s possible from global tech giants and online retailers, they expect the same level of real-time, frictionless service from their traditional providers, like telcos and utilities. But while the immediacy of the online experience has changed consumer attitudes, at the same time no one wants to give up the option to go into a store or a branch or contact a call centre 24x7 either.

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I’m the User…. I’ll Improvise…*

How handing the keys to your digital platform over to your users can help scale your business

LDawson Wed, 04/04/2018 - 08:00

Good Timing: Our Consumer Privacy Survey Finds Strong Opinions for Greater Control Over Personal Data

Nearly a year ago we commissioned a study by the Economist to help better understand people’s view of privacy in particular with the proliferation of connected things or IoT. Our premise was people across the world don’t really appreciate the magnitude of things that they connect to, knowingly or unknowingly, and in particular don’t understand what data about them is being collected, analyzed and monetized. As a supplier of software that helps identify people, places and things we have a profound responsibility to deliver great technology.

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Stay One Step Ahead: Recapping Retail Week Live

How can a retailer get, and remain, one step ahead when it comes to retail technology? This was the key question I and other retail technology experts discussed during our panel session at Retail Week Live in London. On the panel were Julian Burnett, the former CIO of House of Fraser; Jonathan Wall, CDO at Misguided; and Mike Francis, the Head of Digital Transformation for Shop Direct. Henry Wallop, an author and journalist for The Daily Telegraph who specializes in consumer affairs, served as chair for what was a quite far-ranging discussion.

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ForgeRock Technology Partner Program Forges On With VeriClouds

We launched the ForgeRock Trust Network Technology Partner Program in November 2017 with a clear goal in mind: to enable easier and more seamless integration of complementary technologies to the ForgeRock platform. With innovation at the heart of our work at ForgeRock, we knew we needed to make it simple and straightforward to evolve to meet our customers' needs, and we wanted to bring valuable new capabilities into the program.

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