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Are Your IAM Systems Up to the Challenge?

How to Support a Remote Workforce at Scale. To mitigate the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus), organizations across the globe are taking unprecedented actions. Universities and schools are temporarily closing, and businesses are setting work-from-home mandates.

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A Passwordless Future

Part 1: Smartphone Manufacturers Quietly Lay the Groundwork

Passwords are the ultimate lose-lose. They simultaneously provide a poor user experience and represent a tremendous security risk. The high volume of passwords that users have are too difficult for most to remember. As a result, they use non-secure, easily guessed passwords or they reuse passwords, making all systems only as secure as the weakest one. Because of this, passwords are the leading attack vector used in data breaches.

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ForgeRock Secure Sharing Ingredients: Who, What and How

In my previous blog, I described the ForgeRock Secure Sharing solution, which enables people to share their digital resources selectively with others in an enforceable way.  How exactly do we do that? Let’s start with the three main ingredients:

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Take My Daughter to Work Days

It took me a long time to find my voice at work. I finally did it by embracing motherhood.

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Why ForgeRock Secure Sharing: Trust and Enforce

Most people are willing to share their things with other people they trust. That said, we  also want to be assured that what we are sharing is used in the right way. That’s where "trust and enforce" comes into play.

If your neighbor borrows a screwdriver, you may not be too worried about how it's used. But if you loan your truck to the neighbor, you might be a little more concerned about how it's used. You want to be assured that the borrower doesn’t use your truck for a long-distance trip or take it off road. 

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Modernizing Passwordless Authentication: What Enterprises Can Learn From the U.S. Government

Passwordless authentication is a hot topic. Did you know that the U.S. federal government went passwordless more than 15 years ago? Well, kind of, as I’ll explain shortly. From 2010 to 2015, I worked for the Department of Homeland Security, and was part of driving this effort. We achieved a great deal and learned many valuable lessons along the way. These lessons can benefit any digital identity effort – especially one that includes passwordless authentication. 

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