CIAM Differentiators: Better For Companies, Better For Customers

Learn about ForgeRock's 6 CIAM differentiators and give your customers a digital experience that feels personalized, effortless, and secure.

CIAM Differentiators Better For Companies, Better For Customers

Digital transformation is here, and the relationship between people and technology is more important than ever. No matter where you look, 58% of customer interactions are now digital.

If you are an enterprise company, you should expect four key capabilities from your customer identity and access management (CIAM) solution:

  • Simple, frictionless, and fast customer onboarding and sign-ups
  • Personalized customer experiences throughout the identity life cycle
  • Protection of customer privacy and personal data against fraud
  • Accelerated time to market and ROI through rapid identity integration into apps and systems

Done right, CIAM can help you acquire customers faster, reduce the risk of fraud, and gain a better understanding of your users to help you optimize their engagement across channels. The ForgeRock 6 CIAM differentiators give your customers an experience that feels personalized, effortless, and secure.


Comprehensive platform. Our comprehensive, end-to-end CIAM platform spans identity, access, and identity fraud management for customers, citizens, and things. With broad support for B2C, B2B, and B2B2C use cases across the identity life cycle, the ForgeRock platform delivers essential capabilities to drive customer acquisition, reduce risk, and improve operational efficiencies. Gain a 360-degree view of the customer to enable more effective digital engagement and results.


Orchestration. Our industry-leading no-code orchestration engine, known as Trees, empowers you to quickly build frictionless, secure customer identity journeys and accelerate rollouts of new customer-facing applications across channels. We offer hundreds of out-of-the-box "drag-and-drop" nodes and journey templates to help you build cohesive, personalized, fully custom branded journeys with integrated AI-driven fraud protection.


Enterprise Grade. Our purpose-built platform is designed for deployment flexibility, high performance, scalability, and reliability. Deploy any way you want: on-premises, any cloud, and hybrid, and as self-managed software or delivered as-a-service. Scale to hundreds of millions of users with no throttling of essential IAM services and no performance degradation or service interruptions. We offer the largest global cloud footprint with multi-region data backups and restore, and 3+ dedicated environments.


Cloud Architecture. Our patented multi-tenant architecture with full tenant isolation ensures no performance disruptions from noisy neighbors, enhanced customer data security and privacy, and high availability. Keep your customer data safe and isolated, and stay compliant with GDPR and data residency regulations. Leverage our 17 cloud data centers on five continents to serve customers in your region of choice and keep data under your control.


Extensibility. Leverage our Trust Network of more than 150 technology partner integrations available out-of-the-box. Save developer time and effort with fast integrations that can meet all of your customer needs. Build rich, customized user journeys for different authentication scenarios, such as passwordless, risk and fraud management, behavioral biometrics, identity proofing and verification, and more. Easily drag and drop pre-built partner solutions into journeys. Our custom and scripted nodes with extensive scripting facilities enable you to customize journeys as needed. And our robust SDK fast tracks the addition of authentication journeys into mobile applications with virtually no coding needed.


Innovation. We leverage AI/ML technologies to enable immersive and safe experiences. Our innovations, such as AI-powered threat prevention, multi-brand, multi-persona relationships, and privacy and consent, enable faster, easier, and more cost-efficient implementation of advanced scenarios. These capabilities support multi-branding, customer data protection, and the delivery of exceptional, customized experiences. Finally, we keep up with the latest standards, such as FAPI and CIBA, so our customers can innovate with confidence.

Customer experience matters. Customer identity and access management delivers.

For organizations that provide online retail, financial services, healthcare, media, and other services, CIAM can be the secret to a smooth and seamless customer registration process, an excellent online experience, a secure engagement – perhaps a purchase or a subscription – and a happy customer that returns again and again. A poor experience, on the other hand, will often lead to customers abandoning their carts, and perhaps the online retailer, forever.

Are you ready to understand the impact a powerful CIAM solution can have on your business? Use the ForgeRock CIAM ROI calculator to inform your technology investment decisions.

Leading brands are already leveraging ForgeRock CIAM. See what they are saying.

Customer experience is a key differentiator for online businesses. Companies that invest in customer experience can expect to see increased revenues. Why? Because the customers are willing to pay more for a great experience. Similarly, positive experiences are key to customer loyalty — 92% of organizations that invest in customer experience say they see an improvement in customer loyalty as a result of their efforts.

"We've retired multiple large, costly vendors in favor of using ForgeRock out of the box. By eliminating just one vendor, we saved hundreds of thousands." - Principal Technical Architect, Financial Services

— The Forrester Wave: Customer Identity and Access Management, Q4 2022

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Study reveals 186% ROI and benefits of $43.9 million over three years