Customer Success Story

Dutch logistics provider creates secure data hub, eliminates need for millions of emails, calls and paper

Travel and Logistics
Improves efficiencies by eliminating paper requirements
Reduces costs for 2,700 clients and 10,000 users globally by going digital
Eliminates errors through automation
Portbase established the Port Community System to connect logistics participants like barge operators, agents and shipbrokers digitally. Previously, companies needed to manually report the status of a shipment, export documentation and more, which resulted in 100 million emails, 30 million phone calls, 30 million km of travel and 110,000 trees worth of paper. With the ForgeRock-based system, the new solution eliminates all the paper and travel needs, increasing efficiency, lowering planning costs, reducing errors, and speeds handling.
ForgeRock Access Management delivers the reliability, security and agility needed to deliver the level of secured access required to ensure the Port Community System can be trusted.
Paul Saraber Enterprise Architect, Portbase