Customer Success Story

Top ANZ telco replaces three legacy technologies to achieve superior security and reduce costs

Migrated 3M mobile users, 15 legacy applications and 3 new apps in just 2 months
Saves time and money by consolidating 3 systems into one platform for easier management and faster time to market
Authenticates 7K internal users and 3.5M consumers for frictionless, secure access to more than 60 app
Spark NZ consolidated three massive systems onto the ForgeRock Identity Platform to improve security, reduce time to market and TCO, and boost efficiencies.
Our focus is on making access as easy and seamless as possible for our customers while maintaining a high level of security. For example, we use the main authentication tokens to persist access to those APIs so users can stay logged in for weeks, which everybody likes.
Marc Priebee Lead Developer, Identity and Access Management (IAM) for Spark NZ