Cloud Series: Express Delivers Modern Identity in Minutes

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Modernizing a native app can be difficult, especially if you are a developer with limited or no experience with identity or security. And given the skills gap in the security market today, finding someone with the right skill set is not always possible. ForgeRock Identity Cloud Express can help. 

Modern Mandate

Let’s say your organization has determined it could gain greater workplace adoption or higher customer retention if it introduces a more frictionless authentication method. Say you are the lead developer, so it’s your task to update all the native apps with secure passwordless logins instead of username and password. Oh, and can you implement this enhancement by the end of this month? 

If you are a developer already up to speed with the latest security and identity standards, this task is perhaps a stretch but otherwise doable. If you are just an experienced developer— but one without a security or an identity background — the task may be near impossible. You will need help.

ForgeRock Identity Cloud Express 

ForgeRock Identity Cloud Express is our solution as a service that provides developers with modern identity for their native web and mobile apps in minutes. Express is optimized to solve about 80% of the most common CIAM use cases — registration and authentication.

Enter a name for your app, choose from a preconfigured authentication journey — username and password, password plus WebAuthn, two factor (2FA), and two factor plus WebAuthn — then define their ODIC scopes and set a password policy (if one hasn’t already been set). The entire process takes as little as five minutes, from first time account creation with Express to configuring and updating a native app with modern identity. 

To further assist developers, ForgeRock includes free software development kits (SDKs) for JavaScript, Android, and iOS apps. With the ForgeRock SDK, any future changes to the authentication methods within the app can be performed without recompiling and updating the app. Changes such as the fine grain definition of the OIDC scopes become check-box easy. 

Modernize Legacy Systems 

All too often, organizations have on premises legacy identity systems that cannot be easily updated. Maybe the original engineers who built the system have all left and it is based on SAML, with no forward-thinking OAuth or OIDC capabilities. Maybe the legacy provider is slow to innovate, or has moved on to other interests. And the few identity experts that your organization has inhouse — or on contract — are needed to maintain the existing legacy identity infrastructure. They do not have the extra bandwidth for innovation on their own. 

By adding ForgeRock Identity Cloud Express, your organization can keep its legacy system for now while modernizing its registration and authentication journeys in the cloud for its customers over the next few years. ForgeRock Identity Cloud Express can co-exist with your legacy solution. And later, you can easily upgrade to the full ForgeRock Identity Cloud platform. 

User Self Service 

ForgeRock Identity Cloud Express also includes hosted pages — everything from initial registration page to user self service pages for forgotten username or password. Express allows customization of these pages with your logo and you can modify the color schema to match your brand. No more clunky default widgets. You can also code the registration or log on fields to match to your horizontal or vertical web page design needs. 

Express also includes several customizable email templates, covering everything from initial registration to user self service for forgot username and forgot password. If you need, you can use the ForgeRock email server. Or you can configure your own email server to work with Express.

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