Cloud Series: Which Cloud Solution Is Right for You?


You’ve made the decision to move to the cloud, now what? A second, and equally important, decision is how much or how little DevOps you will need to support your decision. Hosting your environment in your own cloud or in a public cloud still requires the services of DevOps (either in house or managed) to keep the system updated and upgraded as needed. And even if you choose the as a service approach, there will still be some DevOps required, although not as much, and at a considerable reduction in cost over time. So, which cloud solution is right for you?

DevOps is a software industry term that refers to the practices around the automation between software development and IT that allow these teams to build, test, and release their software faster. DevSecOps, then, refers to the specific inclusion of security team members in the build, test, and release process.

DevOps allows operations, security, and development to work together in parallel. The elements of the typical application delivery process are deconstructed, and the resulting process emphasizes agility and time to value. When viewed holistically, large bottlenecks can be identified and removed quickly. Instead of major updates or releases, DevOps delivers smaller and more frequent updates to the software.

Your Cloud, Their Cloud

If you’ve established your DevOps resources already and if one or more members are versed in Kubernetes, then you might want to consider our cloud deployment model, or CDM. It is a containerized version of our on-premises ForgeRock Identity Platform,  and it is designed so that your team can lay the foundation to deploy to any cloud you wantyour own, or a public cloud such as Google, Amazon, or Microsoftwith preconfigured cloud installation packages of 1 million, 10 million, and 100 million identities. 

Since DevOps resources can be overworked, so we’ve gone ahead and benchmarked our CDM against public cloud providers. We can help you find the right cloud for what you want to achieve. To further assist with the knowledge and skill-set gap, the ForgeRock Identity Platform also includes developer-friendly documentation so your developers can easily access cloud deployment reference artifacts, deployment methodologies, reference architectures, and benchmark performance data. And once you do deploy to a cloud, we provide additional benchmarks so you see whether or not you’ve deployed correctly. At that point, ForgeRock can take you the final mile by helping you customize the environment to your specific needs and then make it suitable for production with live data.

Our Cloud  

With the ForgeRock Identity Cloud, you can go the so-called “NoOps” route. In its most recent workforce report, the International Information System Security Certification Consortium (ISC²) finds there is a shortage of nearly 3 million security professionals worldwide. Further, there’s an even more acute shortage of professionals with both security and identity experience. If you are maintaining your own identity solution, you will need individuals with both sets of skills. If these resources are hard for you to find, then might want to consider our platform delivered as a service.

With the ForgeRock Identity Cloud, we take on the DevOps responsibilities of deployment and maintenance so you can be up and running within weeks, not months. 

You can consume the identity platform as a subscription service without worrying about hardware resources. This is ideal for organizations with minimal DevOps, where those limited resources can be better used in creating rich apps for their customers and workforces and not care and maintenance. With the Identity Cloud, you can focus on the complex identity use cases and not the system itself.

Watch this webinar with ForgeRock Engineering Director, Warren Strange and Hub City Media CTO and Founder, Steve Giovannetti. Get a deep technical look at the architecture behind a containerized IAM solution and what your team needs for a successful deployment.

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