ForgeRock Announces Avnet as EMEA Training Partner

We’re excited to announce that Avnet Academy has agreed to become our training services partner for the EMEA region. The training division within leading global technology distributor Avnet Technology Solutions (NYSE: AVT), Avnet Academy will be expanding its education portfolio to include comprehensive training courses for the ForgeRock Identity Platform. As we’ve long partnered with Avnet to provide ForgeRock training in North America, we’re confident that together we’ll quickly have a world-class educational program in place. In fact, classes are already enrolling on the ForgeRock University website.

The ForgeRock education program offers training and certifications designed to validate and recognize IT professionals with the technical capabilities and real-world experience needed to effectively design, deploy, and manage identity and access management solutions based on the ForgeRock Identity Platform. Avnet will provide access to the entire portfolio of ForgeRock courses and guide IT professionals on their journey towards official certification.    

Avnet will offer students courses to match their preferred learning style, including online, traditional classroom and onsite courses. To ensure the online learning experience is equal to that of a classroom, Avnet has developed an innovative individual Multimedia Video Presence (iMVP) virtual learning environment, where remote students and the instructor can see, hear and interact with each other. This is another example of how Avnet is committed to driving innovation in education services across EMEA.

Stephen Ennis, Director Education Services EMEA at Avnet said, “a staggering number of users are connecting devices to business applications, as they transition to next-generation technology platforms like cloud, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Knowing who should have full or restricted access to those applications, means understanding who the request is coming from and why. Now more than ever, companies need a good grasp on identity and access management to avoid undesirable consequences. We deliver ForgeRock training to ensure IT professionals have the skills, certifications and tools needed to secure real-world, next-generation technology environments.”

For all of us here at ForgeRock, we’re pleased that EMEA-based identity professionals will now have convenient access to expert training on the ForgeRock Identity Platform. This partnership makes it simpler for our customers and partners to build up essential customer identity and access management knowledge to accomplish goals such as protecting users and devices, and securing their IT environments. Helping IT professionals become better qualified and more effective in transforming next generation technology into secure business solutions will accelerate the success of numerous stakeholder groups.

Kevin Streater is ForgeRock Director of Global Training & Academic Sales.