ForgeRock Identity Platform Updates are Here!


More Ways Than Ever to Transform Your Business With the ForgeRock Identity Platform

Since 2010, millions of people have safely accessed the connected world with the help of the ForgeRock Identity Platform. From employees at the world’s most recognized brands to consumers logging in to their favorite ecommerce sitesour platform has made it possible for large enterprises to deliver amazing digital experiences. 

BMW is a perfect example. The prestigious Bavarian automaker uses ForgeRock to cut costs and improve operational efficiencies by consolidating seven different point solutions for more than 25 million users. With ForgeRock as the foundation for their OneIDP strategy, BMW now processes 8,000 authentication requests per second while using automation to achieve a net-zero implementation cost for new applications. Check out our new case study for more details. 

As technology constantly evolves, we want to continue to ensure that anyone using the ForgeRock Identity Platform can quickly and easily keep their employees productive and their customers happy. That’s why we’ve been working on the most significant update to the platform in company history. And today, we’re proud to announce it's now available. As part of this milestone, we’ve published a new white paper that provides all the details you need to get the most out of this monumental release. 

Check out the highlights below, and watch the demos we previewed during ForgeRock Identity Live: Virtual Edition 2020 in June.  

  • Unmatched AI-driven intelligence: Now available from ForgeRock is Autonomous Identity soon to be your answer to reducing cost and lowering risk. This game-changing solution has already eliminated 91% of the entitlements for a major ERP application for a multinational financial services organization and identified over half a million permission assignments for automated cleanup at a large U.S. healthcare service provider. Autonomous Identity is a modern approach to identity that provides organizations a wider and deeper understanding into the risk associated with user access by providing enterprise-wide contextual insights, high-risk user access awareness and automated remediation recommendations. 
  • Experiences that flow: ForgeRock Intelligent Access helps organizations build seamless and secure experiences that adapt to a user’s needs in real time. This latest release includes a killer feature called ForgeRock Go that allows you to say goodbye to passwords and usernames. We’ve also updated Intelligent Access to handle registration, progressive profiling, and user self-service to deal with forgotten credentials directly in line with the authentication experience. Intelligent Access now supports device context, so you can enhance user experience with a fast lane for trusted devices or introduce just the right level of security friction, based on data from the user’s device.
  • Cloud without compromiseyour cloud, our cloud, or their cloud: We’ve introduced a major update to ForgeRock Identity Cloud, a true identity platform delivered as a service that is complemented by rich hybrid features, enabling you to deploy identity services where, when, and how they’re needed. With one subscription to ForgeRock Identity Cloud, you get complete freedom to consume ForgeRock’s rich identity functionality from the cloud as well as in your environmentswhether those are your data center or your public cloud provider of choice. It’s the same standards-based technology however you consume or deploy, so you are future-proofed and able to address any identity challenge no matter how complicated. With ForgeRock Identity Cloud, your data is under your control. You get full tenant isolation: we don’t commingle your data with other customers’ data. We also provide many options to deploy in the global region of your choice to ensure your data stays where you need it to be.

Are you ready to drive more value out of your digital experiences than ever before? Let’s do it!