ForgeRock Trust Network Unveiled

Today we’re announcing the launch of the ForgeRock Trust Network, our new global partner program that will help our sales and services teams to collaborate more closely with our system integrator and technology partners to accelerate profitable growth and deliver successful customer outcomes.

What’s New & Different?

Simply put, the ForgeRock Trust Network is designed to make engagement with ForgeRock easier for our partners. Working with ForgeRock will become simplified, consistent and reliable. Trust is the key word here, and serves as the foundation on which we’ll build out our business with our existing partners. At the same time, we are attracting new partners that will enable ForgeRock to extend our ecosystem, and add capabilities and new specializations. This added reach is good news for our customers who will now have access to a wider range of digital identity technologies and services than ever before – a package of offerings that will enable ForgeRock customers to simultaneously master business, organizational and technological challenges. The new ForgeRock Trust Network will enable ForgeRock to respond in collaboration with our partners to the increasing market demand for next-generation identity management technology and solutions.

What Does the ForgeRock Trust Network Mean for Our Customers?

In partnership with ForgeRock, and through the use of the ForgeRock Identity Platform™, our partners can help private companies and public organizations build secure, trusted relationships with customers, employees and citizens anywhere, through any device or connected thing. The next-generation ForgeRock Identity Platform is designed to empower enterprises to rapidly establish new revenue-generating services anywhere and in any environment, via a secure, lightweight identity management system. Our platform also transforms government organizations, by enabling the secure delivery of online services to millions of citizens and workers – services that maximize access, improve transparency, and boost productivity. By working collaboratively with our valued partners we can jointly meet the needs of our ever-expanding list of customers, and grow our businesses together.

How Is the New Program Structured?

The ForgeRock Trust Network provides opportunities for both resell and sales referrals across the EMEA, Americas and Asia Pacific regions, and will help customers to discover and engage with partners that have invested in the domain and solution expertise needed to build highly scalable, secure and personalized digital services on the ForgeRock Identity Platform. The ForgeRock Trust Network partnership framework is built around three core partner categories:

  1. Delivery Partners work within defined geographies to offer ForgeRock-related consulting and implementation services to customers.
  2. Registered Partners work with ForgeRock field teams on a deal-by-deal basis to proactively position and sell ForgeRock solutions to prospects within defined geographies around the world.
  3. Strategic Partners work with ForgeRock field teams to proactively position and sell ForgeRock solutions to prospects within defined geographies around the world. They may also provide consulting and implementation services as needed to clients as part of their offerings.

How Will Partners Benefit from Joining the ForgeRock Trust Network?

Partners enrolling in the ForgeRock Trust Network will profit from a tiered benefit structure that will enable them to access software licenses, technical support, consulting and professional services packages, sales, training and marketing resources, as well as a simplified discount structure for resellers and a fee structure for sales referral partners. The ForgeRock Trust Network offers partners the opportunity to establish and grow profitable new revenue streams by incorporating the ForgeRock Platform into their solution offerings. It will also enable partners to address legal requirements for user consent. Finally, ForgeRock has committed to a “partner first” business model and made significant investments in growing and enabling the partner ecosystem.

Several of our partners are committing to the ForgeRock Trust Network right from its inception, and are lending their voices to our launch:

“Everett has worked with ForgeRock for almost seven years now, and together we’ve been at the forefront of advising, architecting and delivering solutions for secure transactions, seamless customer experiences, trusted access and smart authentication. We welcome the new ForgeRock Trust Network partner program, as it will enhance our ability to provide customers with the very best identity and access management solutions, and ensure a more predictable, simplified engagement model on which to build our growth plans.”

Onno Tjeerdsma
Executive Director, Everett

“We are delighted to have signed a new agreement to participate in the ForgeRock Trust Network, which will allow us to add the ForgeRock Identity Platform to our suite of digital transformation offerings across the Central Europe region. Devoteam has a proud track record of innovation and entrepreneurship, and the partnership with ForgeRock is a solid foundation upon which we can grow revenue and deliver incremental value to our clients.”

Jürgen Hatzipantelis
Executive Vice President, Central Europe, Devoteam

“We’re excited to join the ForgeRock Trust Network. The Identropy vision is to share our domain expertise with clients to plan, build and run identity and access management solutions that enable and empower their business. ForgeRock’s offerings are widely seen in the identity industry as among the most innovative and best-performing available, and we look forward to working together to move our clients forward.”

Victor Barris
CEO / President, Identropy

“ForgeRock has been at the forefront of providing digital identity solutions where businesses need to support and secure customers or users operating outside the enterprise. Joining the ForgeRock Trust Network will enable Edgile to broaden our offerings to organizations operating in the retail, food and travel industries, the healthcare sector and wherever businesses are supporting subscribers to online or mobile services. We’re confident that our partnership with ForgeRock is enhancing our ability to deliver strategic security services to Fortune 500 organizations.”

Dean Fantham
CTO, Edgile

“Our clients rely on us to foster positive change, where IT is transformed into a real asset designed to serve corporate strategy. Being part of the ForgeRock Trust Network gives us access to the digital identity solutions and technology expertise that will allow us to more effectively execute or mission. We look forward to working with ForgeRock and applying our in-depth understanding of client businesses with operational and technological expertise to effect enterprise transformation.”

Bertrand Carlier
Manager, Solucom


“Hub City Media uses targeted expertise, dedicated teams and a unique skill set to implement and deploy custom digital identity solutions. Partnering with ForgeRock gives us access to the proven ForgeRock Identity Platform, which secures millions of personal identities, devices and things globally. We look forward to working together with the ForgeRock team to meet the full spectrum of needs of our diverse client base.”

Philippe Monrougie
CEO, Hub City Media

“We recognize ForgeRock’s leadership in delivering advanced IAM solutions that are flexible, secure and highly scalable. ForgeRock is such an important partner for Simeio given the scale of our Identity as a Service offering as we are approaching 100M identities secured and managed by Simeio. With Simeio and ForgeRock, Simeio clients can get new identity-powered implementations into place fast, and scale to hundreds of thousands, even millions users in weeks, not months.”

Shawn Keve
Executive Vice President, Simeio Solutions

“Nulli partnered with ForgeRock soon after the new entity was formed in 2010. We have since developed a stable of accredited specialists in all components of the ForgeRock Identity Platform. The ForgeRock Trust Network enables us to work more closely with ForgeRock to deliver the kind of tailored solutions our customers require."

Derek Small
CEO & Founder - Nulli - Identity Solution Architects