ForgeTalks: Your Guide to the ForgeRock Identity Platform

Welcome back to another episode of ForgeTalks. The ForgeRock Identity Platform is a workhorse - covering every identity possible and offering a comprehensive set of capabilities. There are few people more knowledgeable about its depth and breadth than Mary Writz, VP of Product Management. In today's episode, Mary compares a tour of our platform to a traveler visiting Paris for the first time. For newcomers, the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre can't be missed. When it comes to our platform, her 'must visit' hot spots include Intelligent Access and ForgeRock Go. In our chat, she shares insider tips on how her favorite features solve some of the most common and complex identity issues companies face. 

We'll be answering key questions like:

  • How do I design the perfect access journey? 
  • What is the best way to help people recover lost passwords? 
  • Can an identity platform offer DevOps deployment nirvana?  

Make sure you check out next week's episode, where Mary takes us on a "locals tour" of the ForgeRock platform - revealing some of the lesser-known but equally powerful features. And if you want to check out any of the previous episodes of ForgeTalks you can view everything here.