Identity Live 2018 Austin – Business Track Sessions Day 1

We’re gearing up for our Identity Live 2018 Austin summit, which kicks off Wednesday morning this week at ACL Live at the Moody Theater! Here are some of the sessions we’re looking forward to:


The Economist Intelligence Unit: Privacy / IoT Survey Results

A recent survey conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit and sponsored by ForgeRock found that strong, nearly unanimous, majorities of consumers worldwide have concerns over privacy online. These findings come at the same time the Facebook / Cambridge Analytica scandal is resetting the privacy debate in the U.S., Europe and beyond. Veronica Lara from the EIU summarizes the survey findings, followed by a panel discussion exploring where the industry is headed with privacy legislation and regulation. Also taking part in the discussion are Ryan Anderson of the University of Texas at Austin, and ForgeRock’s Eve Maler, moderated by ForgeRock’s Ben Goodman.


Identity Live Austin 2018

Extending Customer Boundaries with a Microservices Approach to Identity

As a leading financial services provider, Capital One is continually looking for innovative ways to bring its financial products closer to the end customer. Capital One’s Matt Thompson and Sean Willeford discuss how the firm has collaborated with ForgeRock, using a microservices approach, to build a highly scalable platform in the cloud. The transformation has given Capital One a whole new playbook, enabling the company to externalize many product offerings, including Identity services for third-party developers and business partners to leverage.


My Way or the Highway: The Blue Dot Consumer & Personalization

Digital natives aged 20 to 35 make up over 50% of the consumer population, and knowing who they are and what they want along every point of the customer journey is critical. Millennials and Gen Z have a different value system to the Gen X and Baby Boomer generations that came before. This Uber, Airbnb and Snapchat generation demands things are instant, frictionless and seamless. They live in a one-click world, a world where they are rightfully placed at the center of everything. Whatever the industry, modern brands must understand this new value system to remain relevant. As Ken Hughes of Glacier Consulting discusses, you must know your consumer (hyper-personalization), be authentic (as a member of their peer network), provide context in all communications (using Identity) and create experiences that consumers want to share on your behalf.


Just Ask ‘Em

ForgeRock’s VP of Innovation Eve Mahler and CSO Steve White discuss their perspectives on customer trust and how building (and keeping) trust relies on the triad of security, privacy, and consent. Starting with a foundation of identity, they will delve into specific details in each of these three areas that should be considered when organizations look for ways to improve customer trust as part of their digital transformation.


Customer Safeguarding, Fraud and GDPR: Cost-Conscious Application Modernization

When pushing for GDPR compliance, IT organizations are faced with the challenge of having to redesign legacy applications, a costly and time-consuming effort. In general, apps with access to customer data focus on user authentication, and not so much on customer data protection. At a time when privacy is at stake, the honor code system is no longer enough. Fraud, identity theft and financial impact of data breach result from misuse of that trust. Verizon’s Manah Khalil present an innovative, practical solution that leverages ForgeRock to help implement GDPR compliance and strong customer safeguarding control in legacy applications. Most important, this approach eliminates any impact on the application development teams, and the user experience.


ROI: Return on Identity in Financial Services & Insurance

Financial services customers are demanding. They expect tech-savvy, efficient, and proactive products and services that fit conveniently into their digital lives, just like those created by Apple, Facebook, or Google. To meet this high bar, financial institutions are undergoing digital transformations to differentiated, customer-centric services that are accessible from any device and tailored to individual preferences. Every bank is calling itself a technology company these days. In this panel discussion,  Matt Ehle of Ameritrade, Kevin Kelly of Principal, Judi Ward of Unum, Brian VanDeventer of The Hartford and Bill Wright of USAA address how privacy plays a big part in creating this coveted “omnichannel” experience

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