Identity Live 2018 Austin – Business Track Sessions Day 2

We're in Austin for Day 2 of 2018's inaugural event in the Identity Live Summits series. Today we're holding both Business Track and Technical UnSummit sessions. Here's what's happening on the business side: 


Biometrics, Blockchain & Bots - What's Identity Got To Do With It?

Digital financial services expert David Birch explores biometrics, blockchains and bots, three technologies he suggests will set the trajectory for digital identity implementation in the short, medium and long term. To illustrate: Apple shifted biometrics from a security technology to a convenience technology and fundamentally changed authentication. When it comes to blockchains, shared ledger technologies and associated cryptographic tools and techniques offer new ways of solving old problems. Bots and other AI are likely to impact pretty much everything, Identity in particular. In a world of fake news, synthetic identities and outright fraud, it’s reasonable to ask whether robots will need passports, and if so, what will they contain?


The Business Value of Digital Trust

When people trust you, they choose you. Creating lasting relationships with consumers isn’t a simple task; trust is hard to build and easy to break. Trust is built on security, privacy and consent. By ensuring and protecting your customers’ personal data, your customers won’t hesitate to look to you. ForgeRock’s Tom Ammirati and Neil Chapman discuss the business value of digital trust, and explain why trust is at the center of digital identity and how it in turn creates value for businesses in the digital ecosystem.


How Building a Seamless Customer Journey Creates Loyalty

Entertainment and Hospitality is a highly competitive industry based largely on two factors: price and loyalty. Even well-known brands face a challenge in providing a seamless digital experience for their customers beyond point-and-click-to-purchase. More than ever, driving loyalty depends on creating customized cross-channel journeys that are changing and evolving at a constantly accelerated pace - from pre-planning all the way through engaging the customer with entertaining activities and content. Anne Gorman of Royal Caribbean Cruises, David Raymer of SiriusXM and David Winslow from Macy's address how identity information is helping transform those customer journeys.


Rapid Migration from CA SiteMinder to ForgeRock Access Management

PwC and Persistent Systems built the PwC Policy Migration Tool, which eases and quickens customer migrations from CA SiteMinder to ForgeRock Access Management. PwC’s Jonathan Jaffe will demonstrate the tool and explain how it helps companies transition from the past to the future.


The Future of Customer Identity and Access Management

Forrester Research’s Merritt Maxim, a leading voice and thought leader in Identity,  unveils the results of a ForgeRock and Forrester global study on how IoT, AI and the rise of digital systems such as voice-assisted technologies will shape the future of CIAM. He also discusses how customer-obsessed organizations need to understand and ensure that CIAM becomes an essential element in their digital transformation strategies to help better engage and retain customers while mitigating security and fraud risks.


Just Ask ‘Em

ForgeRock’s Eve Mahler and Steve White discuss their perspectives on customer trust and how building (and keeping) trust relies on the triad of security, privacy, and consent. Starting with a foundation of identity, they will delve into specific details in each of these three areas that should be considered when organizations look for ways to improve customer trust as part of their digital transformation.


Silo Busters: The Value of User and Data Centricity beyond IoT Devices

The intersection of the service-based economy with IoT devices is causing longstanding and clearly defined industry verticals to transform into composite cross-industry ecosystems that are organized around customer journeys. To survive, product companies are evolving into service-driven business models that focus on users and data, and rely on cooperation with traditional competitors or unfamiliar adjacent industries. Join ForgeRock’s Gerhard Zehethofer, Ashley Stevenson and Stein Myrseth as they discuss digital identity as the common denominator in providing the necessary device-augmented user experience, one that is secure and privacy-enhancing for these emerging cross-silo customer journeys.