The Identity Perimeter Just Got Smarter


ForgeRock's new threat protection solution tackles account takeover and fraud

A proud day at ForgeRock

ForgeRock announced today the newest offering in our AI-powered product family, Autonomous Access. This is a proud day for the ForgeRock team as we advance our vision around artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML). We’re building the identity platform for the next decade by infusing artificial intelligence into the entire identity lifecycle, which is so critical because the risk landscape is fast-moving and constantly changing.

The vision began with our 2019 release of Autonomous Identity, a first-of-its-kind AI product that autonomously predicts, provisions, and certifies access for identities. With Autonomous Access, our AI engine now continuously inspects access behavior in real time to answer questions like: "should this user have access right now?" — the key decision for preventing account takeover, fraud, and inappropriate access.

The convergence of fraud with identity is driving better protection

As more pieces of our lives shift online, digital identity is both an enabler and a protector of consumer online experiences. The intersection of fraud and identity has never been more important, because the attack landscape has never been more hostile; we continue to see fraud increase — the rate of account takeover (ATO) fraud, for example, has tripled since 2019. There's no way to win the battle against bad actors without putting a strong defense in the identity perimeter. And that's why we've created rich out-of-the-box signals to infuse more context about risk and fraud into our identity platform.

Protection against ATO and fraud without any hassle

Autonomous Access is an AI-driven threat protection solution that helps you make smarter access decisions at the identity perimeter. First, it looks for known bad behaviors, such as synthetic attacks (aka bots), credential stuffing, brute force, and impossible traveler.

Second, it looks for unknown and anomalous user behavior to catch threats we don't even know we should be looking for. Under the hood is a rich and sophisticated layering of machine learning algorithms and heuristics, and deployment is as simple as clicking a button. ForgeRock has done all the work to design risk scores you can trust to insert into your authentication — you will understand your users better than ever, without adding any hassle for them or your development team.

Best capability for sweet-spot orchestration

In fighting fraud, it's always been important to find the sweet spot — exactly how much friction to pair with the risk— because you don't want to treat your consumers like criminals just because they log in with a new phone or while on vacation. With our powerful orchestration engine powered by Trees, you can design perfectly paired, nuanced, and dynamically decided responses to risk.

The potential is exciting

Machine learning and automation offer so much potential to the identity perimeter — and this is just the beginning. Today marks another important milestone in elevating the ForgeRock platform by infusing it with AI. It’s also the beginning of a new chapter in which we can truly begin to realize AI’s potential as we build more Autonomous use cases that delight users and protect enterprises.

Please visit our Autonomous Access page, where you can read more, watch a demo, and see how easy it is to start making faster, smarter access decisions.