Identity Summit London 2015: A Recap

Today, the first of three European Identity Summits, hosted by ForgeRock, took place near London’s Euston Station, at 30 Euston Square. For the great success of this event, we would first of all thank our partner CDO Summit, and our sponsor Accenture!

The presented sessions were a great mix of industry experts, ForgeRock leaders, and ForgeRock customers that provided insights into their experiences on the road of digital transformation. The overall focus of these presentations was on how to use identity for digital business, and highlighting identity industry trends.

The day was kicked off by our EVP and GM, Aled Miles (who made everyone aware that he’s Welsh), followed by the first keynote by ForgeRock’s CEO, Mike Ellis, who focused on the empowerment of CIOs by using identity technology. He discussed digital transformation and how identity management in particular plays a critical role in providing more secure and personalized services to our customers.

The second keynote of the day was delivered by Frank Gillett, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research. His main focus was on IoT (Internet of Things), and how it can create a foundation for companies to transform how they engage with customers, and alter the fundamental nature of the relationship with customers.

[If you’re attended the Identity Summit, you can request access to his slides]

Rex Thexton, Managing Director and Global Digital Identity Practice Lead at Accenture followed with the third keynote of the Summit. He explained the important distinction of challenges and solutions between digital identities for B2C and for B2E. He also saw the USA losing against South Africa at the Rugby World Cup the night before.

To mix things up a bit, a panel on “Digital Transformation” was hosted by Aled Miles, EVP  & GM at ForgeRock: Participant had a lively discussion and included:

  • Simon Eaves, Senior Managing Director, Accenture
  • Jim Evans, Former VP, RBS, HomeServe
  • Phil Fearnley, Director, Homepage & myBBC, BBC
  • David Mathison, Curator at CDO Summit, Founder at CDO Club



ForgeRock’s own Daniel Raskin, VP of Strategy and Marketing, then highlighted enterprises and organizations can maximize their ROI (Return on Identity) by viewing identity management as a foundational element of digital services, that can help you  improve customer engagement, drive a seamless omnichannel experience and reach new market segments.


The last keynote of the day was right after the lunch break, and was delivered by David Birch, Director of Innovation at Consult Hyperion. In an extremely entertaining way, he explained that in a connected world, everything has identity, everything develops reputation and everything takes part in relationships. ID for the Internet of Things (#IDIoT) is fascinating, scary and difficult at the same time.


ForgeRock’s VP of Innovation and Emerging Technology, Eve Maler, followed with a session on the new data protection challenges. Safe Harbor ruling by the European Court of Justice, anyone? She highlighted the User-Managed-Access (UMA) standard, ForgeRock’s OpenUMA project and how ForgeRock is developing solutions to ensure privacy and trust in the digital world.


The first customer case study of the day was delivered by Zalando, a publicly traded e-commerce company with more than 16 million active customers in 15 European markets. Senior Software Developers Igor Ramadas and Rodrigo Reis did a great job describing Zalando’s transition to a cloud-based infrastructure that still supports communication with legacy systems. They showed how to enable secure communications to services that weren’t originally designed with security in mind. Finally, they discussed how they’re using automation to seamlessly deploy Zalando’s new infrastructure, talk about the challenges they’ve faced along the way, and describe their solutions.


Then, a ForgeRock technology showcase was delivered by Andy Hall: Stateless sessions, which will be new in OpenAM 13, have been architected as identity moves beyond simple users and web apps to also include devices and things. The volume of identities to manage grows exponentially, and identity deployments are now asked to support over a hundred million identities.

Another customer case study was up next, by Swisscom, one of the most famous brands and by far the biggest telco provider in Switzerland. Oliver Stampfli and and Jens Sonnentrücker explained how goal for Swisscom was to be able to offer one ID Broker for all services, so that subscribers essentially would be able to “Bring Your Own Identity” (BYOI). If not done this way, each application or service offered by Swisscom would have required a connection with each IDP. By implementing a ForgeRock solution, Swisscom was able to reduce costs spent on administration and significantly upgrade ease of use for the customer base, while also increasing sharing options across service offerings.


And then another customer case study provided more very useful insights: Anthony Wilson, Product Owner For Identity and Access Management at HSCIC. He gave an overview of the NHS Spine Identity and access management platform, as well as highlights on challenges and lessons learned. Since the digital world is constantly evolving, the session also included insights into future requirements for healthcare identity management.


This was followed by the second panel discussion of the day: Digital Identity in Action. Hosted by Daniel Raskin, participants included:

  • Oliver Stampfli, Security Architect Identity & Access Management, Swisscom
  • Adam Gwinnett, Lead Solution Architect, UK Ministry of Justice
  • Rodrigo Reis, Senior Software Developer, Zalando
  • David Rennie, Identity Assurance Programme, Government Digital Service, Cabinet Office

In a very interesting way, each panelist brought a different perspective on how they have implemented identity to drive change across their organization.


The day was wrapped up by several members of our CTO Office, giving live demonstrations on how the future of digital identity can look like.
Lasse Andresen, Eve Maler, Stein Myrseth, and Ashley Stevenson showed demos in the areas of privacy and consent (UMA), IoT, and identity relationships.

We’re pleased to say that the London Identity Summit was a huge success! Over 200 attendees joined us to talk digital transformation, IoT, and much, much more. It was great to meet customers, potential customers, and partners and discuss the exciting things that are happening with identity. We’d also like to extend a special thank you, again, to our co-sponsor Accenture and our partners CDO Club for making the Identity Summit possible.